Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Drying Out and Warming Up

We have finally dried out. I can now feed horses without changing into my rubber boots. Last Tuesday I went riding. Just me. It was a spontaneous decision and there wasn't time to include someone else into my plans. I still took two horses. I usually lead one and ride one then switch. The trails at the State Park are still closed so I went out to my friends to ride. They have a really nice place and plenty of land to ride on and it's pretty diverse so there's no getting bored!

I began my ride on Fancy and led Diamond.

The pasture was full of wildflowers.

I rode by a field of sunflowers. Fancy reacted to movement in that field so I took a closer look. You can't see them but there were two turkeys out there!

Have a good one!


  1. Yep it's getting very warm!! We will be "camping" out at the Mineral Wells Lake State Park next weekend, that is if I can get in the camper!! We had to move our family reunion to there as Lake Whitney is closed and refunded our reservation money.

    1. Cool. Maybe we could hook up if just for a few minutes!