Monday, April 13, 2015

Beauty in Dobbs Valley

Dobbs Valley isn't a town but a place in the country that has a little church and cemetery. Doyle's parents are buried there as are a few other family members.

 It is one of my favorite places to take the dogs for an adventure. I hadn't been in quite a while. I
knew that when we've had ample rain the church's yard is full of Blue Bonnets this time of year.

There weren't quite as many Blue Bonnets as I had hoped but pretty still the same!

A single Indian Paint Brush among the Blue Bonnets.

Now this is a first. A selfie with my SLR camera!

A little bee action.

Have a good one!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful photos of the flowers! I enjoyed going out there with you and Doyle when I took your photos. Hard to believe it's been 4 years already!

    Sandy’s Crafty Creations Blog

    1. Thank you! I thought about you when I was there! I absolutely love those pics you took! It doesn't seem like it's been 4 years.