Thursday, October 23, 2014

Solo Ride

I wrote in my previous post that Kennedy had stayed with me Sunday afternoon. After playing at the park she wanted to ride horses. I have been looking forward to this day of her riding with me on her own horse!

Not the best picture but at least you can tell we are both riding! Try taking a selfie while riding a horse!

She sits a horse good! She's so proud of herself and I'm even prouder! We take it really slow of course. She still has a lot to learn. It helps that I have a really good horse!

She got scared once. I think it was a combination of her being tired and frustrated. She was having a little trouble communicating with him what she wanted him to do through the reins. She burst into tears. I got off Diamond and took her off Clyde holding her until she calmed down and reassured her. She was willing to ride him back to the barn if I would lead him which I did.

We ended on a good note and believe she will try again another day. We just need to practice. But we'll do it when she's ready.

We've had some pretty sunsets the last few days. This was taken on Friday night October 17th.

Have a good one!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Me and the Grands!

Korin will be 4 weeks old come Friday. Here she is 3 weeks. Taken October 16th.  Vanessa had come over with the kids for supper. I held Korin so Vanessa could eat dinner.

I almost didn't get Korin in this picture! Kashton was too busy trying to get in the baby carrier!

Pretty sunset that night while I was feeding horses.
On Sunday the Kids came over after church for lunch. I didn't get the lid on good on Kashton's cup and got his pants wet so Vanessa took them off. He came running in the kitchen. I couldn't help but think of Tom Cruise and the movie Risky Business! Kashton is 19 months old.

He got Kennedy's princess chair and brought it into the kitchen to sit in. He's just too stinking cute! He is showing a lot of interest in horses. He gets the toy horses out first thing every time he comes over. He's beginning to say a few words but still pretty much has his own language. He does try to say Savtah but it sounds like "Dawdaw"

After lunch, Vanessa took Kashton and Korin home while Kennedy spent the afternoon with me. It was such a beautiful day we went to the park. Kennedy wanted to cover up with the pebbles used to cover the playground. Silly girl!

Have a good one!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Evening on the River

Last Sunday, Kennedy came over. We had been to feed as the sun was beginning to set. I got a wild hair to drive to the river for a sunset picture. I knew I was cutting it close. Sure enough, the sun set just before we arrived. I was a bit bummed but thought Kennedy would enjoy getting in the water's edge. At first I thought this was her first time to be at the river but then I remembered Vanessa and Keannon had taken the kids to a friends house that is on the river. Oh well, it was her first time to Oaks Crossing!

Caught a glimpse of the moon.

Maybe another time I'll catch the sunset at the river but not today.

Have a good one!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cousin's Visit

Two weeks ago Mom called to let me know that her cousin and son from Ozark, Missouri were coming for a visit and asked if they could stay in the apartment. Of course, I said! They arrived Friday evening ahead of a cold front.

The next morning we awoke to the low 50's after reaching 90 the day before! It stayed overcast all day. Kennedy's dance class performed at the Crazy Water Festival so we ventured out for that. We meandered around the festival for a bit then decided to have lunch at the Bistro.

Keannon, Vanessa and the kids joined us after
Kennedy got her face painted.

What would my post be with a picture of the newest grandbaby?!

Grammer is proud!

Korin Faith 2 weeks old.

On the way to the truck we stopped at another shop just down the sidewalk from the Bistro. A quaint little place that housed some antique treasures and tasty home backed goods! Teresa treated us to some sinfully delicious cookies!

We then go back home and spend the remainder of the day visiting. We, of course, took a few pictures.

Here we are with Teresa. We did not plan to wear pink! It was just too funny when we realized we were all three wearing pink! We must be related!

Gracie thought she had to be in all the pictures!

Mom and I with Zack, Teresa's son.

Teresa and Zack had also wanted to see Chris, her nephew and her brother's, (Lyndel) son. He works in Dallas. He had planned to come earlier in the day but the cold front produced some storms that played havoc with computers where he works. Being he is the "IT" person he had to make sure they were working. He did finally make it over late afternoon. It was the first time Mom and I had met him. Very nice young man.

About the time we were heading to dinner my brother Wayne showed up. He had taken his girlfriend out to dinner for her birthday. We went
to Mesquite Pitt. It was good and we all had a great time.

We get back to the house and Wayne suggests getting a group picture. Great idea Wayne!

Chris headed back to Dallas Saturday night. Teresa and Zack left Sunday morning to meet Chris in Dallas then they went home on Monday.

It was a fun time!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Samples with New Authentique

I recently created some page layouts using Authentique's "Grateful" and "Faith" collections.

I apologize for not getting a very good picture. I created this one at the store and left it there for display. The pictures were of my family Thanksgiving last year. I thought I had blogged about it and was going to give you a link to that post but I can't find it so I guess I didn't!

I made this two page layout using pictures from when Korin was born. This is the "Faith" Collection and Korin's middle name is faith. These pages are also on display at the store. I feel pretty good about getting pages already done for Korin!

Have a good one!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Korin's Birth Day

 I know I've already written about that....wish I had thought to use this title for that post.  Because Vanessa had Korin at a birthing center she was home by 10:30 a.m. the morning she was born! Kennedy had ridden home with me. She fell asleep in the truck not long after we left the center and slept all the way to Mineral Wells. I went by the house to let out dogs and left her in the truck...still sleeping. Put the dogs back inside and went to feed horses and left Kennedy in the truck...still sleeping. I drove to the office. I carried her inside and laid her on the couch...still sleeping! She slept until 11:30! I on the other hand was doing all I could to keep my eyes open! I leave the office and ask Kennedy if she
wants to go home and she says "maybe later". After lunch I convince her to lay down with me on the sleeper sofa that was still pulled out from the night before. She is rested and I am not! I doze off a couple of times as I awake to her shaking me and calling my name. I finally convince her to go home when I show her a picture of Kashton holding Korin (in the previous post). Kennedy said "They let him hold Korin?!" (with indignation in her voice!). This is the outfit she wore home from the center. I took this picture because the bracelet she is wearing was made by a family friend and I wanted to show that she was wearing it.

There was a beautiful sunset this day too!

Have a good one!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Vanessa's Birthday

Vanessa's 29th birthday was Thursday September 25th! When did that happen??!! My little Punkin is almost 30 years old!! Yikes! Although I worked at the store that day I wanted to do something for her so I invited the family over to the house for supper. I was going to make spaghetti, one of her favorite meals, but Doyle didn't want me to have to cook and suggested I pick up something. Well, Mexican is her next favorite so I picked up food from there. By the time I got done at the store, fed horses and went to get food the kids were at the house.

I had hoped to make her a birthday cake too but the night before was Church and I didn't get it done. I decided I would make it right after supper. It would be fresh that way too!

Vanessa was 9 days past her due date so after supper she and Keannon went for a walk giving Kennedy and I time to make the cake and put in the oven.

The best part of making a cake is....liking the scrapper!

Helping me make the frosting.

 The finished product! Buttermilk chocolate cake from scratch and homemade frosting!

I know that's not "29" candles but it was the best I could do! The cake was still warm enough in the center that when I pulled out the candles they were bent!

Vanessa had a couple of hard contractions at our house before they went home. Kennedy wanted to spend the could I say no?!

It was much later in the evening when Vanessa text me to say her water broke! The rest of that story is here!

The morning of Vanessa's birthday I took my last morning bike ride. It is just too dark for when I need to do it. The clouds were a beautiful color. This church is a block from where my mother lives. I will miss the beautiful sunrises but it will be nice to not have to get up so early! It's also a little more of a challenge to get my bike riding in if I don't do it first thing but I'm working on it. It will become more of a challenge when winter sets in too! I'll cross that bridge when I have too!

It was also a beautiful sunset that evening. This was taken while I was feeding horses.

Can you see the reflection of the Baker Hotel and the sunset on the hood of my truck!

Have a good one!