Tuesday, September 30, 2014

She's Finally Here!

Korin Faith Bailey was born Friday, September 26th at 5:03am weighing 8lbs not sure about the ounces and 20 inches long. Vanessa chose to use a birthing center rather than a hospital this go round. It was a very nice place! The birthing center is in Fort Worth which is about 45 miles away. I've been privileged to see each of my grandchildren's births but I must say this one was the most unique and memorable.

Yes Korin was born in a tub! This picture was taken after the umbilical cord was cut. Vanessa was a real trooper and Keannon was a great coach! I was impressed. She's braver than I would have been!

The kids had been at our house earlier in the evening to celebrate Vanessa's 29th birthday (Thursday September 25th) She was 9 days past her due date. We were all wondering if Korin would share her birthday with her mother. Kennedy wanted to spend the night. She had just gone to sleep. I had gotten myself ready for bed and just laid down when Vanessa sent me a text at 10;59pm

"Water just broke, I'm waiting on the midwife to call me back. No rush right now. Just go to bed and we will text or call with more info in a bit."

An hour later she text me they were headed to the center. At that point her contractions were 8 minutes apart. She asked me to come and bring Kennedy.

Doyle had already gone to bed as he had to work the next day. I woke him to let him know what I was doing. I then carry Kennedy to the truck. She stays asleep during the transition and all the way to the center. When we arrived she woke up getting her out of the truck. She was wide awake for a little while. About 2:30 I did lay down and fall fast asleep. Kennedy had gotten in her Nana's lap and fell asleep. Around 4:30am Vanessa asked for me so one of the women came to wake me.

Kennedy didn't want to wake up. I love this picture.

We have a thumb sucker! Our first!

Measuring Korin.

Kennedy is one proud Big Sister!

Vanessa and Korin were released to go home around 9:30am!

After they got home Kashton met Korin. He was fascinated with her! He'll make a great big brother!

One exciting day!

Have a good one!

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  1. Vanessa is a brave girl! Not sure I could have done that but so many do now. Great photos and the baby is really a cutie! Congratulations!