Saturday, December 20, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday

My goodness when did this happen?! Kennedy turned 5 years old Thursday, December 18th. Vanessa has planned a party for both her and Remi but it will not be until after Christmas.

To celebrate on her day Keannon and Vanessa invited us to go with them to the Gaylord Texan where there is an ice exhibit featuring scenes from the Christmas Classic Frosty the Snowman sculptured out of over 2 million pounds of ice! The exhibit is kept at 9 degrees!

Coats were provided. I was wearing a long sleeve T-shirt and sweat shirt along with an insulated hooded jacket. I still wore the coat they handed out and managed to stay warm except for my hands. Even with gloves my hands got so cold trying to take pictures that they hurt!

Granddad and Kennedy

Keannon with Kennedy and Kashton in front of Frosty.

As you might have noticed Frosty revolves.

Kennedy and Granddad.

Ice slides

Kashton sliding down. Although the slides weren't very slick and he got stuck. One of the staff had to help him slide the rest of the way.

 Kennedy attempting to slide. She had the same problem but she knew enough to "scoot" herself down.

Aren't these sculptures just amazing?! Each piece "hand carved"!

A sculpture in progress.

The nativity was my favorite. So elegant!

Afterward we had a little hot chocolate to warm up.

I was very disappointed that this picture was out of focus. I just loved how she was peeking over Daddy's shoulder.

Kashton and Granddad

Keannon took this picture for me!

The Gaylord was beautifully decorated.

I tried to hand hold my camera but if you look very close you can probably see that they aren't completely in focus. I need a tripod but didn't have one.

Vanessa wanted me to get a picture of them. We passed several beautifully decorated trees but she didn't think of it until we were about to leave and this one was all that was left. Still pretty but there were prettier ones!
We had to park in a parking garage and walk so Keannon went after the car. I had fun snapping some cause photos while we waited.

Remi called to wish Kennedy "happy birthday". Vanessa put her on speaker so that could both talk to her.

We had a great time! I can hardly believe she is 5! Now to move forward to Christmas!

Have a good one!


  1. What a fun day! I've thought of going to the ice show at the Gaylord but brrr...that is cold. It is hard to believe that Kennedy is 5! Before we know it she''l be a teenager!!

    1. I know you're right about the teenage part! Kind of scary how fast the first 5 years went!