Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Craziness

I like to get my Christmas decorations up the weekend after Thanksgiving. Mostly because I have the time and usually the weather is mild. This year however I volunteered to help move my local Scrapbook store to another location. I was glad to help but it through me way behind!

I began putting lights on the house Wed December 3rd. I managed to get that done in one afternoon.

The rest of my outside decorations took a couple more days.

The finished product with Gracie at the front door!

It took me a bit longer to get the tree up and decorated as Kennedy wanted to help me. I wanted to get a picture of her putting Remi's ornament on the tree to send to Remi.

She was a pretty good helper!

This nativity scene I made when Vanessa was a little girl! Kennedy is asking if this is where the wise men go!

As we unwrapped ornaments and hung them on the tree I came across the box that hand my antlers and Santa hats in. We decided to take a break and be silly.

Who are these crazy girls?!

I think Kennedy has had enough decorating!!

There's my sweet girl!

I still have a box of ornaments to hang but Kennedy and I were pleased. She spent the night and we slept in the living room with the Christmas lights on!

Just a little bit of heaven on earth!

Have a good one!


  1. Now this is my third attempt to comment.....

  2. Ok let us try again! Be blessed my friend, I had to reset my google password to get in here! I really have been keeping up with you; you just don't know that! Great job you are doing!

    1. Thank you! Glad to know you're keeping up as it seems to be increasing difficult for us to carve time out to be together! We Really do need to look at a calendar and "set a date"!

  3. Your house looks beautiful and your tree too! I got my inside decorated on Thanksgiving weekend and the next weekend set up our lighted sleigh and reindeer in the yard and hung the wreaths on the outside windows minus bows as they ones on them had faded and I did not get around to buying more and since three of the wreaths are on the upstairs windows they will go without bows this year. LOL. No lights on our house again this year as it requires weather cooperation, the hubby and the weekend all falling into place together! Your helper and you look very jolly and cute!

    1. Thanks so much Sandy! I just realized I STILL have one box full of ornaments yet to put on the tree! My decorations may stay up a bit longer since I was so late getting them out!