Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Came Early

Meet "Fancy". The newest member to the herd. She's not really a Christmas present. We had been talking about buying this horse for a couple of months. Doyle did some checking with a former co-worker who knew the family and then it was just up to us to decide.

Fancy is a registered Quarter Horse owned by the Rafter G Rodeo Co. in Terrell, Texas. Her registered name is "Beauty's Last Fancy". She was born and raised on the Rafter G and belonged to Summer the daughter of Jim Gay. She is well-bred and well-trained.

Thanks goes to Jordan, the trainer I had for Dixie, in helping us locate her. The Rafter G Rodeo Co is the one who brings livestock for our local rodeo!

Terrell is a little over 2 hrs away from here. I made plans to go out and see her Wednesday December 17th. I decided to take Kennedy with me. It was a cold drizzly day.

We get there and Summer has her saddled and ready. I ask lots of questions. I ask her to ride first.
Then I get on to ride. I am very pleased. Then I let Kennedy ride. I stay close and she doesn't go far but she turned, stopped and made her move forward by herself. A deal is made and I load Fancy in the trailer to bring home.

By the time we stop for lunch we get home just before dark. I make a place to keep her separate from the boys for the night.

After work the next day I let Fancy out into the pasture with the boys one at a time starting with Clyde. They are both excited to have a "girl" again! Clyde and Fancy seem to get along pretty good. In a little while I let Diamond out to join. That's when it gets interesting. The boys don't fight with the girl but with each other "over" the girl! Clyde does his best to keep himself between Diamond and Fancy. After a while they calm down and Diamond doesn't seem that interested.

Clyde keeping Diamond at bay.

She does have an unusual white marking at the top of her tail.
She is 8 years old.

Fancy has really taken to Clyde and they are inseparable. Maybe it's because he's nicer!

I can't believe we have less than a week before Christmas!

Have a good one!


  1. Fancy is beautiful! How wonderful that you've added to your herd and that she is so well trained? When does Dixie come home?

    1. Dixie will not be coming home. The trainer felt that she was not a good fit for our family the way we ride. She needs a job that works her hard everyday. He is helping me find a good place for her. That's why we got Fancy. The trainer helped me locate her.