Thursday, November 20, 2014

I'm a Travelin (wo)Man Part 1

The title is a just came to my mind as I was thinking about what to write because that's what
I've been doing the last two weeks!

On Sunday November 2nd me and three others from my church flew to Redding, California for two conferences held at Bethel Church. That is in the Northern part of the state. I had to be careful to not say that's where I was going since Remi's lives in California. Unfortunately where I was and where she lives is 8 hrs apart! Our flight was just as the sun was setting so I got to see it from the air!

The first conference I attended was held at a different church location called "the Stirring" with my friend Jean who oversees the SOZO ministry at our church.

 SOZO is a Greek word which means "saved, healed, delivered". The ministry is designed to get a person better connected to God and heal any emotional wounds from the past. SOZO ministry came out of Bethel Church. The conference was Monday, Tuesday and ended Wednesday at 5pm. This conference was for meeting others who have this ministry and to network as well as be encouraged.

We went pretty much all day except for lunch and dinner breaks!

On one of our afternoon breaks I went for a walk.

We got these the last day of the conference!

One day we had lunch at a place called the "Black Bear Diner". It had all these carved bears around the restaurant.

The next conference we went to was called The "Leadership Advance". It began Wednesday evening. It was held at Bethel Church. I'll share more in another post.

Have a good one!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! So glad you go to be a traveling "wo"man! :)

    1. Thanks Sandy! It was fun but it was good to be home! The two hour time difference did a number on me!