Thursday, October 23, 2014

Solo Ride

I wrote in my previous post that Kennedy had stayed with me Sunday afternoon. After playing at the park she wanted to ride horses. I have been looking forward to this day of her riding with me on her own horse!

Not the best picture but at least you can tell we are both riding! Try taking a selfie while riding a horse!

She sits a horse good! She's so proud of herself and I'm even prouder! We take it really slow of course. She still has a lot to learn. It helps that I have a really good horse!

She got scared once. I think it was a combination of her being tired and frustrated. She was having a little trouble communicating with him what she wanted him to do through the reins. She burst into tears. I got off Diamond and took her off Clyde holding her until she calmed down and reassured her. She was willing to ride him back to the barn if I would lead him which I did.

We ended on a good note and believe she will try again another day. We just need to practice. But we'll do it when she's ready.

We've had some pretty sunsets the last few days. This was taken on Friday night October 17th.

Have a good one!

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