Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What a Difference a Year Makes

August 22nd last year we adopted "Gracie" from our local Animal Shelter. She was extremely thin and had huge callouses on her elbows and hocks. My post about her adoption is here. This is what she looked like then.

Here she is today. Enjoying my side of the bed I might add! When she first started sleeping on the bed she would sleep at the foot. The last month or so she has decided she likes to sleep between me and Doyle!

Kaidence didn't like her at first but then she is jealous of anyone who tries to get my attention! They are both moping because they know I'm getting ready to leave for work.

Doing a little ear cleaning. Kaidence used to do this to Kajen when he lived with us.

Kennedy had spent the night. Doyle was at work. I slept on the other side of Kennedy. Bed hogs!

Gracie is happy and we're happy!

Have a good one!


  1. Wow! What a difference and what a blessing for Gracie that you adopted her. We have one cat that sleeps with us. She is a bed hog too! Last night she had half a king size bed while Eddie and I had the other half. LOL

    1. Two nights ago Gracie booted me out of bed. She had sat up in bed. I thought she needed to go outside but as soon as I got up she promptly plopped down in my place and wouldn't budge! In lieu of waking up Doyle to try to get her to move I went to the couch :( (pretty sad huh?