Sunday, August 25, 2013


You know some of the best gifts are those that come unexpectedly. For about a week I had been seeing some posts on Facebook about a Great Dane that had been rescued from a neglected situation and needed a forever home. My interest was peaked but I dismissed it at first. I had become content with only having one dog that is until about 2 weeks ago when Kajen came back to live with us temporarily. I was ok with that too. Kajen is a great dog and he gets a long well with Kaidence. I figured someone else would take her. Then a young woman I know who went to school with Vanessa posted a picture of this dog on my timeline because she knew we had a Great Dane before. I shared the picture on Doyle's timeline. I was going to leave the decision up to him. He never said anything about the photo.

I received a private Facebook message from this same girl (Brandon) on Wednesday telling me the Dane was still available but her time was running out. I started getting a little more serious about asking questions about her. All I knew to do was ask Doyle about it. If he said no I would abide by his decision.

I wanted to put off getting her until Friday as Doyle and I were both working that day and I wouldn't be home until after 6pm. Brandon told me it wouldn't wait. She said if Gracie wasn't adopted she would have to be euthanized. After church Wednesday night I finally get the courage to ask Doyle. He didn't say yes but more importantly, he didn't say no! I determined in my heart that I would go pick her up from the shelter first thing Thursday morning.

I get up and arrive at the City Animal Shelter before they open. I fell in love the moment I saw her. She is so loving! Although extremely thin, she was full of energy and strong! Vanessa said she would help me with the dogs until I could get home from work.

She's checking out the kitchen. I measured her and she is the same height as Mercy was 31 inches at the shoulder. I won't know what she weighs until I take her to the vet on Monday.

I had already been thinking about a name the night before. I wanted something similar to Mercy because I knew the dog needed a lot of it! I thought "Grace" would work but then thought about calling her "Gracie"
It didn't take her long to feel comfortable! You can see her ribs her and the callouses on her elbows and hocks where she had to lay on the ground.

The girls came over to meet her. They like her except for her "happy tail" that doesn't cease to hit everything because it's always moving!

I could hardly wait to spend more time with her! I text Vanessa to check on things and she sends me this picture.

 I decide to go home during lunch in between working at the office and the store.

She definitely feels at home!

I'll keep you posted on Gracie's recovery.

Have a good one!


  1. Gracie was meant to live with you! So glad that you adopted her. It is such a shame that her people treated her that way. But she's in good hands now and will always be loved!

    1. Yes I believe you are right! She is so happy living with us! It brings me great joy to watch her play and have fun. I can't get far away from her! She's going to be a real beauty once she puts some weight on!