Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Celebrating Mom's Birthday

Wednesday September 3rd was a beautiful morning as I rode my bike. I loved the wispy clouds gaining color in the sky as the sun began to rise.

Just as I get to the bridge...my halfway point, the sun is beginning to peak over the horizon. I managed to get a silhouette of a dragon fly right in the middle of the picture!

Mom's birthday was September 3rd. She typically makes a trip to her brother's in Kansas on her birthday but this year they were going to be gone.

I invited a few people from church and Vanessa to join us for lunch to celebrate. Not everyone is here in this pic. Kennedy is taking it. It was one of the few that turned out.

We ate at Shotgun's. I called the night before to let them know we were coming. The owner decorated the table for me!

They had asked me what kind of dessert Mom liked. I explained she couldn't have sugar so they brought her a bowl of fruit! So sweet of them to accommodate!

Then they came out and sang a very unusual birthday song! They did a great job and made it fun! The lady in front is the owner.

This is the card I made Mother. The little girl on the front reminded me of me. This is a Phyllis Harris design sold through Unity Stamp Company.

I know Mom would have enjoyed being with her brother and sister for her birthday but I think we did ok helping her have a good birthday!

Have a good one!