Tuesday, March 25, 2014

First T-Ball Game

Saturday was Kennedy's first T-Ball game. It was cold and cloudy. I worked at the store but took off to watch part of the game.

Coach Erick giving the team (The Hotrods) a refresher. Kennedy is right in front of the fence post and the only one with long hair in this picture!

Already bored or so it seems. Not sure what she is doing with her hand!

Now we're more focused.

coming in to the dugout to get ready to bat.

She spies me!

I really like this picture!

The game was at 12:30 which is about nap time for Kashton.

Getting ready to bat!

Coach Erick giving some last minute instruction.

and we have a hit!

I hit it! Did you see me Savtah?! Coach is saying "RUN"!

Running to first!

I made it to first!

I'm looking forward to seeing more games.

Have a good one!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Other Daughter

Now before you jump to conclusions, I am not revealing some deep dark secret. I do not have another biological daughter but I do have some young ladies that I think of as daughters and this one definitely fits the bill!

Leslie, is the daughter of my best friend and mentor. She is 5 years younger than Vanessa. When Vanessa was little she spent as much time with Leslie as she did at home. They are like sisters. I developed a friendship with Leslie when I kept my horses at her parents property North of town. We discovered our mutual love of horses and often rode together and she helped me a lot with caring for mine when I couldn't as they lived about 15 miles from town.

Leslie or "Lezlee" as she prefers to have her name pronounced turns 24 today. In honor of her day I made this card for her.
This image is a Phyllis Harris Design made into a rubber stamp and sold by Unity Stamp Co. I used my Copic Markers to color the image. Leslie's horse is a Buckskin. I tried to color this horse to look like hers. The sentiment I stamped on paper then carefully cut around it and popped with dimensional tape . I used my markers again to color the heart then covered it with glossy accents. I took a strip of some scrap Authentique DP to add to the card.

Happy birthday Leslie! What a blessing you have been to me! May your day be all you hoped and more!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Celebrating Kashton's 1st Birthday

Kashton turned 1 year old on March 5th but we celebrated Sunday so Daddy could be there. This picture was taken on his birthday.

Birthday banner in place.

Confetti and balls for table decorations. Kashton loves balls!

Brightly decorated cake and cookie with colorful plates and napkins.

Opening presents.

Friends and family sing Happy Birthday!

Having a taste of the frosting.

Lisa, a friend of Mommy's helps you lick the frosting off the candle!

Yummy cake!

Kashton loves his present from Mommy, Daddy, Savtah and Granddad!

Playing "peek a boo" with Savtah!

Card I made for Kashton. I used scraps left from a layout I made using Carta Bella collection Rough & Tumble. Simple yet I liked how it turned out.

Have a good one!

Saturday, March 15, 2014


One of the Reminisce Collections that came to Cats Creations Scrapbooks right before the retreat is called "Doctor". When I saw it I knew what pictures I had to make a sample layout for the store.

Clyde cut his foot on barb wire 4 years ago this month. If you're squeamish look no farther. Some of these pictures are very graphic. There was quite a story behind these photos so I chose to type it in order to get it all in. The vet stitched up as much as she could. He had torn a chuck out of his foot. To immobilize the foot as much as possible, he had to wear a cast and be stalled for two weeks. This is the left side of the layout.

After two weeks the cast was removed. The wound looked worse than when I took him in! For two more weeks I used hydrotherapy on the wound twice a day and then apply a "spray bandage". That's the silver you see. It was about 2 1/2 months before he could be ridden again. It's all healed now but it left a nasty scar. Grim reminder of how close I lost him that day.

I just love Reminisce Papers. They are double sided. To make this layout I used 3 sheets. I cut the 3 sheet in half and placed on the inside of each 12x12 page so that the ouch was covered on the right side.  The strip with the bar code is usable on the other side as a decorative strip which is what I did on the right side of this layout.
  I also used the coordinating stickers that came with the collection. The only thing extra I used on this layout was red and white card stock to mat the photos and white card stock for my journaling.

Well, hope I didn't gross you out too bad! Has someone in your family had an "owie". This is a great line to document that event. You can see these pages at Cats Creations. Also be sure to check out the blog and "like us" on Facebook!

Have a good one.

Friday, March 14, 2014

For the Birds

One of the benefits of winter is being able to photograph birds in the trees without leaves! I saw this cardinal while feeding the horses.

I have had the opportunity to see some beautiful birds at my feeder that is hung in a tree right outside my front door.  The next few pictures were taken during one of our wintry weather events as you can tell by the icicles.

Does anyone know what type of bird this is? I first thought it was an immature cardinal but I don't think so. Most unusual looking to me.

 I think this guy has definitely been eating his share from my feeder!

While at the scrapbook retreat I saw some birds too. I never could get close enough to get a good shot of this one.

 This one was a beauty. He wouldn't let me get very close either.
 This cluster of birds is of the same type as the one above on the ground.

A Blue Heron that was on different property and this was as close as I could get.

This guy is similar to the one I asked you about above. Very odd looking bird.

This brightly colored woodpecker was my favorite!

Have a good one!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

It's Time for T-Ball

Vanessa signed Kennedy up for T-Ball. I think she will do good when she figures out how to play. Since Keannon was out of town on a job for the first practice (2-24). Vanessa invited me to come. It was a very cool and cloudy day. With practice at 5:30pm (before time change) it was going to get dark pretty quick.

Vanessa bought her the smallest glove she could find and her hands are still too little! She looks like she knows what she's doing!

Most of these kids have never played before so the coach and his wife had to start with the basics like "this is home plate"!

This is first base. Coach then began to quiz them "What's this? (pointing to where they were standing). The kids yell "1st base!" He then points to home and says "What's that?" And they yell "home plate!"

Around the bases they go with the Coach quizzing them at each stop. When they get to third and he points to home and asks "what's that"? Someone yells "4th base!" I loved it!

She actually has a pretty good arm on her and she can throw it straight! We'll have to work on catching.

Coach giving her some instruction before her very first bat!

She hit it the very first swing!

I think we have us a little ball player!

Have a good one!