Monday, November 25, 2013

We Dodged the Bullet!

After a week of gearing up for a major winter storm....we didn't have one. I know it's weird but I was kind of hoping we would. Well, the "child" inside me was. The adult in me on the other hand was not too keen on trying to take care of four horses in that kind of weather or trying to get to them to take care of them!

Meteorologists do not typically forecast out too many days unless they are pretty certain about an event. The first I knew there was a change coming was November 19th when the National Weather Service out of Fort Worth posted this picture on Facebook. This is one of my main "go-to" sights for weather information.

I have learned after watching the weather so closely for so many years and listening to meteorologists is that winter weather is extremely hard to forecast. There are so many variables to consider. The temperature in the atmosphere, the temperature at the ground,  how much moisture in the air. The temperature can change one degree and be the difference between liquid or frozen precipitation. Up until 8pm Sunday night we were in a "Winter Storm Warning", then downgraded to an advisory.  We ended up being spared any messy roads and just some icing on trees, fences and such.

Little icicles on the fencing.

We've gotten an inch and a half of rain out of this deal. Makes for a sloppy mess when I feed.

I just thought this was too cool. I was leaving after feeding last night. It was actually darker than this but I lightened the photo just a bit. There is a little icicle that is suspended in what appears to be thin air in the middle of this photo! You might think I just happened to catch it as it was falling but it is hanging there. I'm not sure what it's hanging by. When I tried to run my finger between the fence and the icicle there was something there but I couldn't see it!

Look who meet me at the fence this morning! I think they must have been hungry! I took off blankets. They had them on since Thursday night. Figured they would appreciate a break from wearing them and like to roll in the mud! I also don't want their winter hair to quit growing. I'll put them back on tonight as the temps are supposed to fall into the upper 20's then take them off again in the morning. That part is a chore but it's worth it knowing they are warm.

Have a good one!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Birthday Girl

My dear friend Jean has a granddaughter who turned 8 on Friday. She has shown some interest in horses and Jean had asked me some time back if she could bring her to ride some time. With her birthday coming up she asked her granddaughter (Amira) if she would like her present from her to be a ride on one of my horses. She was thrilled! I am always happy to teach and encourage someone's interest in horses. Someone did that for me! The only horse I have right now that is safe enough for a child or an inexperienced rider is my Clyde.

We had hoped to do this on her birthday but the front was forecast (and did) come through Thursday so we planned on Wednesday after school.

Amira just wanted me to walk her around in the beginning so I didn't even put a bridle on him. This was the biggest horse she had ever been on and that can be a bit intimidating!

She asked me what would happen if I dropped the rope so I showed her. Clyde just kept following me around. I asked her if she wanted to try to ride him by herself and she did so I tied the rope in such a way that she could use them as reins.
She was amazed that she could get him to move by herself! Love this expression on her face even if it's a bit blurry! Amira did a really great job and I suspect this won't be the last time she rides ole Clyde!

Vanessa is making plans for the girls birthday party. She wants to do their party together again. Remi's birthday was November 15th. She turned 5. Kennedy's is December 18th and she will be 4. Our visit with Remi begins December 6th. That's provided we get her. Ya, there have been issues and rumblings that she is attempting to keep us from getting her. It's just so frustrating. I won't go into that now.

Anyway, Vanessa was undecided about whether to buy invitations or have me make them. I told her I could make them. The party theme this year is "Cheerleaders". Kennedy is all about cheering! Although Remi wasn't a cheerleader she went to Kennedy's practices while she was here and then of course Mommy coaches the Christian School cheerleaders. We went with the Christian School color which is purple.

It's really pretty simple. I used purple cardstock for the base and white card stock for the invitation. This stamp set is from Stampin' Up called "It's a Cheer Thing".  I bought it from a friend of mine who was downsizing her stamps. I am thrilled they came in so handy. I used Tim Holtz Distressed Ink "Dusty Concord" to stamp the images. Vanessa came up with the verse.

Since it is cold, wet and I'm home alone, I think I'll go back to my craft room and do some creating!

Have a good one!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Practice Paid Off

Last time I shared how I was working with the new horses to wear blankets without freaking out. I worked with them for 3 afternoons before the front arrived Thursday. Thursday was my day to work at the store. We had rain ahead of the front. In fact, just as I was leaving the store the bottom fell out. I made my way to the horses. They were all huddled up in the barn where I feed them waiting for my arrival. I got everyone feed and hay put out when the wind shifted to the North. The front had arrived.

I knew temps would drop fast once the front came through so I blanketed all four horses before I went home. By the time I got there I was wet, muddy and cold! At least I had peace of mind that the horses were taken care of.

When I awoke at just before six this morning it was 34 degrees. The 2 alerts were a "Freezing Rain Advisory" and a "Winter Storm Watch". The Freezing Rain Advisory was for this morning. The winter Storm Watch is for another wintery event to hit us Sunday!

 These guys are very snug and comfy!

By the time I was getting ready for work the temp had dropped.


I drug out my insulated coveralls from the closet and went to go feed horses. It was reassuring to see them nice and warm with their blankets on! All my days of practice paid off! Dixie on the left sporting her turquoise zebra stripped blanket and Diamond on the right. This blanket came with the horses so I only had to buy two.

Patches sporting her new purple blanket.

I get to the office and after I'm there a while I check the temp and it's dropped again! Do you see the wind chill? Its under the temp and says "feels like" 18! Brrrr!!!

Mom came by the office. Since her retirement she has come by the office about once a week to volunteer to help me or do anything else needing done at the church. She offered to take me to lunch.

As we leave the office it begins to sleet heavily! It sleets all during lunch and is still sleeting pretty heavy as we leave the restaurant. I decide to go by to check o the horses.

Everyone was doing just fine and all comfy under the awning of the barn. I went ahead and threw out some loose hay. The white stuff in the foreground is accumulation of sleet!

Well, it's about time to go feed again and figure out what I'm going to feed us! Thinking it maybe a great night for some "He-Man" Soup and cornbread!

Friday, November 22, 2013

I LOVE This Time of Year!

Fall is one of my other favorite seasons! I love the mild weather, brilliant colored leaves (sometimes) and the holidays! There are some beautiful trees by where I keep the horses. I really like the brilliant blue sky with puffs of clouds. This is the back of the church and their parking lot.

Now granted, Texas fall leaves aren't anything like you would see up north or even on the east coast but they are still pretty. This is one of the driveways to the church leading to the parking lot. The other driveway is lined with the same trees. Just stunning!

There is another Arctic front on its way. We had one two weeks ago and experienced our first hard freeze. That's early even for us! Within a few days it warmed back up.

I had bought weather-proof blankets for the new horses before the last cold snap. The previous owners said they had never been blanketed. Most of the time horses have  adequate hair and can withstand cold as long as there is shelter from wind and rain/snow. However...I know horses and they don't always stay undercover and once a horse gets wet they get cold. I was prepared and the night the front rolled through I tried to put a blanket on one of the new horses and he was having none of it! I figured out real quick I was going to have to teach them how to wear the blankets before they could wear them safely!

They managed through that last Arctic front but we had no moisture with it. The last few days I've been working with Diamond and Patches to wear the blankets. Oh my gosh, you would have thought the boogie man was after them! They tensed up, quivered, tried to run from me and these two had been trained to wear a saddle! I saved Dixie for last as she doesn't have the training like other two. I figured as spooked as the other two were about the blankets Dixie would be even worse! Well, let me stand corrected! Dixie never flinched or batted an eye! I was so proud of her...yep...I hugged her neck! If I would have had a choice I would have gotten a solid colored blanket but this was the last in the size I needed. Now that I've seen it on, I'm kind of glad I got it. She looks snazzy doesn't she?!

I decided to try to ride on Tuesday. I rode Clyde and ponied Patches. I had made plans with a friend of mine to give her granddaughter a horseback ride for her birthday. She will be 8 on Friday. The cold front is supposed to be here Friday and Thursday I'm at the store so we picked Wednesday. I wanted to make sure I could lift the saddle. I managed just fine and had a great ride. I tried some trotting but my ribs and back were not up to that kind of jarring just yet.

Pretty end to a great afternoon.

I took this one last Saturday evening. That's the other thing about this time of year I love. The sunsets seem to be more colorful.

Have a good one!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pleasant Surprise

I don't know anyone who doesn't like gift surprises. I happened to be a recipient of one not too long ago. Cathy had gotten some western stamps in at the store from Impression Obsession. I groaned when I saw them because I wanted them...ALL. I knew my "budget" couldn't get them all. One of the ladies who comes in to shop and also likes "western" themed items paid for one of those stamps for me! I was so surprised and blessed. I thanked her through messaging on Facebook but that wasn't enough for me. I figured the best way to thank her was to make a card with the stamp she bought me! So This is the card I made for her.

The design papers are Carta Bella "Giddy Up" collection. I absolutely LOVE this paper. It made a very nice card too!

I made a wedding card for the couple whose wedding Keannon and Vanessa went to.  The brides colors were Navy and fall orange. This stamp is by "Miss Muffet". I have used this image several times. Both for wedding and anniversary.

That's about all the crafting I've done recently. Hope to have a page layout for you soon. Reminisce came out with a new western paper and Cathy wants me to make a sample to hang in the store.

Have a good one!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Weekend with the Peanut

It's been a long time since Kennedy has spent two night in a row with me. Her mom and dad had a wedding this past weekend close to the airport. They were both in the wedding party so they had rehearsal on Friday and the wedding on Saturday. Because of the distance they spent Friday night over there so Kennedy got to stay with me! I was a little bummed because I was still recovering from being thrown from my horse and was still really sore. So sore that I had to tell Kennedy I couldn't pick her up and I love to hold her! We still managed to have a really fun time!

She had a birthday party to attend on Saturday. It was a "Tea Party" birthday! It was held at a cute little place on the square in Weatherford called "Razzleberry Lane". The birthday girl is Bailey from Kennedy's class at Mother's Day Out.

Kennedy was very clingy when we arrived. She was so excited to go to the party that when she came to my house on Friday she showed me the invitation in her bag.

The girls could pick out a "princess dress" but Kennedy wouldn't do it.

Once they were dressed they got their nails painted


 make-up put on. Kennedy was up for that!

Once our nails are done and make applied it was time to sit at the table.

There were beautiful tea cups and saucers with little teaspoons. Because the spoon was there Kennedy drank her pink lemonade with it but then picked up the cup like a proper lady! I was impressed!

The girls were also given little sandwiches in the shape of crowns. Too cute!

There were cupcakes but the main cake was shaped as a teapot! Too stinking cute!

It was a really cute setup. This room is actually in the back of a store that sells children's clothes.

Look at those eyes!

A close up of one of the cupcakes and napkins.

The guests came outside for a group picture. I didn't have a very good angle as I was trying to let others get a picture.

Time for the birthday girl to open presents

After the party I took Kennedy to where else but McDonald's for a little lunch and play time!

Have a good one!

Ride at the State Park on the New Horse

I had put these pics on Facebook and just realized I never blogged about it!

Two weeks ago I took Diamond, one of the new horses, for a ride at the State Park. He was apprehensive because I left all his pasture buddies at home but he did great! Here we are on top of the mountain at the Park.

It was so pretty at the Park. The weather was great although a bit overcast. I couldn't have asked for a better day.

We did see some deer, turkeys, armadillos and one wild hog!

Diamond on the top of the mountain.

Trail heading back down the mountain on the way back to the trailer.

It was a great ride! I can't wait to do it again and maybe next time I can get someone to go with me!

Have a good one!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


A week ago this past Thursday I left for my annual fall scrapbook retreat through Cat's Creations held at Mitchell RV Park & Resort. I LOVE this place. It is in the middle of NOWHERE yet not far enough away that I can't come home should I need to. I did have to do that on Friday to feed horses and let dogs out as hubby was on duty at the fire station.

I usually take a week to try to get ready. Deciding what projects I will work on, choosing pictures and papers and what tools I may take. Not this time. I failed at packing for this trip miserably! I finally just started grabbing some things and left a lot at home trying to be more realistic in my expectations of what I would actually get accomplished.

When I get to the retreat I found a new apron waiting on me! I am so proud of it! I know you can't see it all but under my arm are multi-colored paw prints down the right side.
One of the projects I chose to work on is re-decorating Kennedy's letters. When the kids moved they had boxed up Kennedy's letters and hadn't unpacked them until they moved this last time. Unfortunately before the last move the letters were damaged by a water heater that leaked soaking the box that contained the letters. This is what they used to look like. I was so proud of them. I was sad when they got wet.

Here's the revised letters. They go with the colors in the girls room better.

I tried to keep just a little bit of "horsey" theme! The picture doesn't show dimension but I have some on almost every letter.

These are the letters I made for Remi a year ago. I used some of the same papers on Kennedy's. I hope Kennedy's new letters will look good on their wall.

Another project I wanted to get done is make a card for a young couple. It's my really good friend Teresa's daughter. She got married 2 years ago on 11-11-11. I went a step further and created an envelope out of the same paper line (Authentique) using the envelope maker by We R. The image is a Phyllis Harris design by Unity Stamp Company. I was very pleased with the finished product! I had some alpha stickers that came with the paper collection and I used the initial of their last name to seal the envelope.

I did get 15 page layouts completed. I just didn't take any pictures.

One of the many things I love about coming to this retreat is getting outdoors and walking around. I missed getting any sunset pics this time.  Can you believe it?! I know! I'm in shock myself. The best night was Thursday and I missed the window of opportunity. We had cloud cover the rest of the time.

I did however see this guy...or gal...on my way into town Friday morning to feed. He was laying down until I did a u-turn to get pics. When I stopped in front of where he was he started getting up. I was too close for comfort.

Keeping an eye on me!

Friday was a very chilly day and the sunshine was short lived so I didn't take my usual adventure. The weather was better Saturday.

Found this little guy fluttering around. I couldn't catch him with his wings open.

Every time I am here I take a picture of these trees. I just think it is so unusual. It has grown since I first discovered it.

Overall, it was still a good retreat and I am pleased with what I accomplished. It was good to get a way for a few days.

This was taken the night before my retreat. I thought it was cool with the moon and one of the planets shining brightly as the last rays of sunlight fade.

This was the sunset the day I came home from the retreat. I think these guys were glad to see me!

Have a good one!