Monday, September 2, 2013

Going Home

Our three weeks with Remi is already over! Where did the time go?! The girls both sat with me during church today and I found myself getting teary-eyed when I realized this would be Remi's last Sunday until her visit in October.
I am going with Keannon and the girls to the airport. Vanessa has cheer practice so she asked me if I could go.
Doyle with Lil' Man. He will be six months old on the 6th!

I made this card for a friend whose birthday was August 31st.

There is rain in the forecast. We really need it. I saw some hope of development in these clouds just before sunset.

Have a good one!


  1. Boy that 3 weeks did fly by! October will be here soon though! :) Love the card and I was thrilled we got rain--over 2 inches while we were gone for the week.

    1. Yes...October will be here before we know it! We only got 3 tenths but thankful all the same!