Monday, August 5, 2013


Do you remember the Dove that was nesting in our backyard. I wrote about her here. The babies have hatched! Actually I believe they hatched much sooner than we were aware.

After we had discovered the nest in the backyard we looked every day. The other day as I was looking at the nest I saw feathers that didn't appear to belong to the mother.
Do you see the clump of feathers at the bottom of the mother's wing?

I kept trying to get a better angle. I tried not to disturb her but I guess all my dragging the ladder around finally unnerved the mother and she flew away revealing the babies.
Since these photos they have left the nest although they haven't gone far. It has been fun to watch them stay together and mother isn't far away. I haven't been able to get a good picture of them since they have left the nest. They are good about hiding among the foliage of the trees.

I found this guy in my flower bed the other day.
One evening when I went to feed I took the dogs with me and took them on a short adventure to the tank on the property adjacent to where I keep Clyde.
I saw some dragon flies

We finally get to the water and both dogs were very happy!
Kajen doing what he loves most!
A few pretty wispy clouds to end the day.
Life sure is hard for this canines.
Kajen has come to live with us for a little while. Where the kids are right now doesn't have a fenced yard. They have always brought Kajen over to visit when they come but the last few weeks he has refused to eat for them. When he would stay with me, I never had any trouble with him eating.  I really think the problem is more that he gets more attention when he is with us.
I thought these clouds were so cool!
One more sunset to end the day.

Have a good one!

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  1. Poor puppy he wants to live with you! Beautiful sunsets and love the dove photos! The butterfly is wonderful too! A great Randomness post!