Friday, July 19, 2013

Treasure in the Back Yard

Look what Doyle discovered in the back yard.
A White-winged Dove sitting on her nest of eggs. She would not budge. I had noticed a bird flying back and forth to the same tree. I thought it was odd but at the time I didn't investigate it. Doyle took interest and discovered the mother and nest. The bird I saw flying was evidently the male bringing his beloved food while she sat on the nest. She was in the tree in such a way that I couldn't get a good picture from the ground so Doyle set up his ladder for me! What a guy! Even with us moving the ladder around and me climbing up to get a better view she never flinched!

Today Doyle watched as the male came and sat on the nest while she went to get food. Quite interesting!

Remi is here! Vanessa picked her up Saturday. They came over Saturday night for dinner and lunch on Sunday. One of those times while I was in the kitchen Vanessa took my camera and got some pictures of Remi with her brother. Kennedy fell asleep on the way to our house. 
I love this!
Good one of Kashton! Mommy knows how to get him to smile!

The girls will be spending the night soon so hopefully I will have some fun pictures to share of them!

Have a good one!

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  1. How awesome to be able to get up on that ladder (thanks Doyle) for that photo! Doves are beautiful. Love the photos of Remi and Kashton! Enjoy your time with Remi and Kennedy spending the night!