Tuesday, August 29, 2017

San Antone Thursday Afternoon 8-3-2017

I apologize for being absent so long! It's been a little busy with me trying to get ready to go on a 4
day scrapbook retreat and then being gone! I didn't realize I hadn't finished my story of our trip to San Antonio.

After lunch Doyle went back to class. He had said something in passing about there being a "locks" bridge on the River Walk that was similar to the one in France. I thought I would try to find it. I should have tried to google it first but I didn't. I had seen something about "Locks" on the River Walk map and thought that was it. So I set out to walk to it.

I did have a pleasant surprise along the way. I came up on what appeared to be a small private wedding inside an archway on the other side of the River Walk. It was so sweet. Before I realized what was happening it was over. This was the only picture I got.

I walked and walked and walked and walked some more! I finally reached my destination which was the dam where the San Antonio River feeds into the canal that makes the River Walk.

I didn't see any "locks" on the bridge like Doyle had described to me.

Then I read the signage about the dam and "locks". These were not the same "locks" 😖

I had a good laugh at myself and a good laugh with Doyle when I told him what I did.

It was still a great walk.

And I saw some beautiful views along the way.

Water cascading down to the pool beside the steps.

A view through an arch window.

It was one of these archways that the couple got married.

Can you tell that I love the water falls?

I don't know what this building is but I liked it.

I have no idea how much I walked but it was a lot! I still had fun. I got back just in time for Doyle to get out of class. I'll post that in another blog.

Have a good one!