Friday, July 28, 2017

Ride at Bunker Hill Ranch

July 15th I had the opportunity to go on a trail ride at a local ranch with the Sheriff's Posse. It was short notice. Doyle said the email came either Thursday night or Friday morning for a ride on Saturday. He wasn't interested in going but thought I might be. I was!

It was a small group. Only about 10 of us but that was ok with me. We are waiting for our host who was a former ranch hand. Look at all that beautiful green grass. I had a hard time keeping Fancy's head up!

And we're off! I rode Fancy mostly because Diamond was missing a shoe.

There was only one other woman there. She's riding ahead of me in this picture. She is the daughter of one of the guys.

A few stranglers.

It stayed overcast nearly the entire ride making it very comfortable despite the fact it's July.

It is so pretty and green.

I love how the trees form a canopy over the trail.

We came to this man-made tank (Texas term for pond).

Those who wanted a drink got one. Fancy wasn't interested.

Riding across the tank dam, the cows spotted us. Nope we're not after you today!

We rode by this large Oak tree that appeared to meet its demise by lightning.

At one point Fancy and I had worked ourselves all the way to the front!

The sky is so pretty.

You will have to click on this photo to see the buildings off in the distance. The entrance to this ranch is right off of highway 180 East almost right across the road from the State Park entrance.

It was a great ride. We didn't ride the whole ranch. That is for another time I hope. It was beginning to get hot and 3 horses in the group had lost shoes so we called it good for this go around.

Have a good one!