Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Rodeo Parade and 1st Performance 5-11-2017

It's rodeo week here. For the first time in many years I, we, didn't participate with the horses.😲

Kennedy went with friends to Six Flags and wasn't going to be back for the parade so I really didn't have much motivation to do it without her. If I didn't do the parade I couldn't see going to the trouble to take the horses to the rodeo to ride for all of 15 minutes. Just too much work. {Geez, I think I'm getting old - ugh}.

We sat in front of the fire station downtown to watch the parade. These two were beside themselves even if Korin isn't showing it.😏

Had a judge park right by our box with his scored pad hung over the fence.

Both kids ended up in Keannon's lap for a bit.

I can not get this girl to smile!

First night was good! Two more to come!

Have a good one!


  1. Sometimes we just have to re-evaluate the things we do and step back a bit. Doesn't mean you won't do it next year. :)

    1. that's a good point! Thanks Sandy!