Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Great Niece 1st Birthday Celebration 5-28-2017

My great niece Scarlett Mae Stephens (Taylor's little girl) turned one year old on May 19th. Her sister was competing in gymnastics in San Antonio that weekend so the party was planned Sunday afternoon May 28th.

The party was held in Burleson. The party was supposed to start at three but you know how unpredictable babies can be!

Mom and I didn't arrive until nearly 3:45 but there were no worries as the birthday girl was sound asleep!

I don't know how long she was asleep before we arrived but the party was on hold until she woke up. I think she slept for at least another 30 minutes after we arrived!

I  took a few pictures of the cake and the decorations. I'm glad I did as by the time she got through opening presents Mom was ready to go so we didn't stay for cake.

Scarlett's mom (Whitney) makes and decorates cakes. She made all the goodies you see here including the cake. She does amazing work! She also made my niece Destiny's wedding cake.

Sleeping Beauty finally awakes and interacts with some of her guests.

Mom is holding another baby and Scarlett was having none of it!

Little cutie!

Opening gifts.

Dad helping out toward the end.

She is a little cutie!

Have a good one!


  1. Love the birthday cake! Yep, you can't have the party when the birthday girl is asleep. I'm sure no one minded waiting.

    1. Thanks! Yes, we all just visited while she slept :)