Sunday, May 7, 2017

Dance Recital - Set Sail on the Sea 4-29-2017

Kennedy's annual dance recital was Saturday April 29th. She did beautifully! Kennedy is doing so well that the dance instructor keeps moving her up. She is in a dance group with 9 and 10 year olds! I've been enough times now that I'm beginning to notice those who "learn the moves" and those who "feel" the music. Kennedy "feels" the music. I absolutely love watching her perform her ballet numbers. I wish that I could video and photograph at the same time!

Their other number was a tap routine.

I wished I had remembered to take off my camera bag before Vanessa took this picture!

I'm pretty amazed at this picture because these two are not married anymore! This is Nana (Jan- Vanessa's stepmom all her childhood) and Papa Joe with Jacob (Vanessa's youngest brother). Joe Don's current wife was working and unable to attend.

I have no idea why we all thought we had to kneel for the pictures!

Kennedy with Grammer!

The two little ones were not very cooperative.

I finally did get one of all of them.

I did not feel well this day. I was functioning on ibuprofen but I couldn't miss dance recital! I felt bad enough that I didn't go to church on Sunday. Monday I went to the doctor and discovered I had strept. No wonder I felt bad!

It was a great recital though and Kennedy to a wonderful job!

Have a good one!


  1. Kennedy's outfit is beautiful! And it's so wonderful that she feels the music. That's why she is doing so well!