Wednesday, September 21, 2016

New Feed Room

Have I told you lately what a wonderful man I married? He is so good to me. He is always trying to
make things easier for me. Remember me telling you about being done with what I was using for a feed room due to the numerous rats and snakes! I had enough!

I was ok with not having a feed room but my dear sweet husband wasn't ok with it and took it upon himself to rectify the situation by building me a new one! He did part of the construction at home. Then hauled it across town to put it together with help from our SIL Keannon. This is in progress. You can see one of the feed barrels next to the fence. This is looking at it from Fancy's stall.

 This is a side view from the opening in the barn. Doyle hadn't gotten the wall up yet on this end when I took this picture.

Here it is finished viewing it from outside the barn

I have selving and lights! He's planning to do just a bit more before he calls it done but it's usable.

I'm a very blessed woman :)

Have a good one!


  1. How awesome! It looks great and he did a really good job on it! He is a blessing and you are too. :)