Saturday, September 10, 2016

Mom's Birthday

Saturday, September 3rd was Mom's birthday. She had learned that Addison was home on a 10 day
leave the day I left for the scrapbook retreat. Mom wanted all of us to have a chance to see her and made arrangements with Addison to come here. We got an extra surprise as Destiny came with her!

We met at my house to visit. Addison brought a friend. They just started dating but they knew each other from high school. I thought he was pretty brave to come with her to see people he didn't know!

Destiny had worked at the hospital the night before and she was functioning on about 3 hrs of sleep!

Kennedy wanted everyone to meet Cliff, the Guinea pig.

 Korin wanted to hold Cliff.

Korin is so darn cute!

After visiting we went to dinner. The owner of the restaurant was kind enough to take this for us.

They did bring out a dessert but Vanessa had brought her something she could ear.

Another picture taken by the restaurant. Not the best but the only other one I have of the group.

I did manage to get a picture of Mom with the girls.

I think overall she had a pretty good birthday!

Have a good one!