Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Church Swim Party

Our church hosted a swim party on Saturday August 13th. We barely got this accomplished as this was the last day the pool was open!

Either no one else wanted to do it or no one thought to do it but I didn't see anyone taking pictures! So I did :)

I was proud of Mom. She came even though she didn't swim. I am very glad she was there as all three grandkids came. Karen, Keannon's mom had Korin and I had the other two but it took all three of us to keep up with them! I'm surprised I got any pictures at all. Well, Keannon's sister Karissa was there too and she helped as well.

Aunt Karissa with Kashton at the kiddie pool.

The water is very shallow here.

Kennedy and her cousin Krystal (Karissa's daughter).

Kennedy found some goggles that got left behind.

Aunt Rissa helping Kashton float.

Our Pastor's son and Associate Pastor was our grill master.

We even had an impromptu Baptism. One of Karissa's boys (Kyler) told Pastor Kirk that there was all this water so why couldn't he get baptized right then. So it happened! Right there! I got a video of it but the voices are a bit hard to hear because of the sound of water running. Thank goodness Pastor Kirk talks loud! You can watch the baptism here.

As the party was wrapping up the sky was showing color.

I thought the moon over the swimming pool look cool.

It wasn't as large a turn out as we usually have be we had a good time!

Have a good one!


  1. You got some really good photos in spite of trying to keep up with the kids! Hard to believe that swim season is over and school has started.

    1. Thanks Sandy! I can't believe school has already started!