Sunday, December 6, 2015


My goodness, I can't believe it has already been over a week since Thanksgiving and it's taken me  three days to get this written.

Thanksgiving Day was spent at home. On Friday we went to Plano to my sister-in-law's. She put on a fabulous feast.

And while we were waiting for the food to be ready "Aunt Dee" had fun things for the kids to do. She is the best Auntie!

She got out the toys her kids played with when they were little. They were a big hit!

Every year she let's the kids decorate a gingerbread house. Kennedy loves to do this!

Kashton got in on helping decorate too.

Then Aunt Dee gave Kennedy another task of making "acorns".

Kennedy gets a little help from cousin Bekah.

a sweet moment between Matthew and Molly.

Granddad and Korin.

cousins catching up!

What a ham!

Doren showing John and Bekah some pictures.

Aunt Dee showing the kids how to play a game. Kashton is doing really well!

Kashton is good at stacking.

There she goes!

Mommy and Korin!

Mom came with us and spent the day.

Bekah playing with Kashton.

My what big shoes you have! Bekah's fiance John interacting with Korin.

decorating pretzel sticks.

Aunt Dee showing Kashton how to roll the pretzel in the sparkles.

Kashton was ready to eat his as soon as he decorated it!

Since Doyle's birthday was Tuesday after Thanksgiving (December 1st) we celebrated while we were all together. Doris made sure he had a "party" hat and card! She had a cake too but we were all too full from everything else!

Korin trying to help sister with the puzzle.

Korin is okay with someone helping her walk but she won't try on her own!

We had a great time. I had hoped to get some family group shots but it was raining all day and a little too much activity in the house to get everyone rounded up! The little ones kept us entertained!

Have a good one!


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The gingerbread house is a great idea and such fun for the kids! Glad you had a good holiday and now it's on to Christmas! :)