Thursday, November 19, 2015

Someone Came Knocking

Wednesday morning November 4th, I had just got up and had gone to the bathroom. I heard a child's voice outside but I knew it wasn't Kennedy or Kashton. That only leaves Korin. She is too little to be outside. I couldn't see my back porch from the bathroom window so I went to the back door and quietly opened the door. This is what I saw! How on earth did she end up on my porch? Then I saw the back door of the apartment was
partially opened. Vanessa had opened it to let the dog out and had left it open so he could come back in. Instead they both ended up on my porch wanting inside! Kajen is as bad as the kids about wanting to come and stay at my house!

On the 12th, Vanessa sent me this video. Excuse the quality but you can tell what is happening.

Looks like Korin likes to come to Savtah's house too!

Have a good one!