Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Kids Missed Me

Imagine that! Kennedy  missed me the most while I was gone. I told you in the last post that Kennedy had fallen asleep before I got home. The next morning she and Kashton came over to see me before I left for work! They were so cute! Vanessa and Keannon had some finishing up to do at their other house to be completely out so I kept the kids for a while.

Vanessa had bought Kennedy a doll with clothes you could add glitter to so Kennedy asked me to help her with it.

Korin has the army crawl down! She likes to play ball with Kaidence. You can see a clip here.

Kennedy had cheer practice so that left me with the two little ones

Kashton was all about being outside! He is always asking for a popsicle!

We were in the little trampoline.

I think Korin was seeing herself.

Kashton photobombing! Good times!

Have a good one!