Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Korin Turns One

Korin Faith turned one on Saturday, September 26th. We celebrated her birthday with a party at the park. Vanessa picked out the paper and provided the wording for the invitation. I printed and put them together. We were short on time to get them mailed so we kept them very simple.

A little banner Vanessa wanted me to make. She came up with the phrase. I used the paper left from the invitations for the letters.

Mom and Korin

When Korin shows affection she lays her head against you. It's so cute!

Grandma and Korin (Keannon's mother, Karen).

Aunt Karissa (Keannon's sister) has the same birthday as Korin.

Keannon the "grill master" with Doyle supervising.

Vanessa turned 30 the day before. She is still beautiful!

Big brother having a great time at the party!

Singing happy birthday and getting help blowing out the candle!

looking at a picture of herself.

Opening cards and gifts.

Having cake!

Pretty blue eyes!

It was a great party. We had 20-25 guests. The weather was perfect. I took tons more pictures but this is a pretty good sampling of the event!

Happy First Birthday Korin!

Have a good one!


  1. Korin's a cutie. Hard to believe it's been a year! Wow! Happy belated birthday to Korin and Vanessa!

    1. Thanks Sandy! Her first year did go by fast!