Friday, September 4, 2015

Day 3 of the Retreat

We had 2 more retreaters join us on Friday evening. They were mother/daughter. The mother
scrapbooked and the daughter made cards. Now Teresa and I had met the mother. She had nicknamed us Paula Dean (me) and Martha Stewart (Teresa) of scrapbooking. I makes us laugh every time we talk about it. We lived up to our name (according to this duo) during this retreat when we showed some of our tools and what you could do with them. I had brought my sizzix Big Shot die cutting machine along with some dies and embossing folders. I had shown the daughter how to use the embossing folders with paper for cards then Teresa took it to another level and showed how you could cute aluminum with the dies and then emboss. The look on this girl's face was priceless. "Say what?!"
It was just too fun to watch the wheels turning as she watched in awe! We opened a whole new world for her in cardmaking that day!

She wasn't the only one getting lessons! Her mom is behind her. The woman in blue is our Retreat leader.

Later that day we took a road trip out to the middle of no where to a small craft store called Country Scents. I'm talking "boonies"! In fact, everyone is instructed to call first before they come!

On the way back to the retreat I spied these strangely marked horses! I thought I was seeing things! This one was curious enough to check me out! I was hoping to get a picture of him with the numerous black and white paints in the pasture but the brush was very heavy along the fence line and this was the only clear spot I could find. So this guy was the only one who got his picture made!

It was a day full of fun!

Have a good one!


  1. The same thing happens to Barb and I at the Mt Calm retreat! We get out our tools and start doing stuff and a crowd gathers that hasn't seen that yet. Most of them are Creative Memories scrapbookers so you can only imagine! Love the Zebra! How odd!!!

    1. It is fun to show new things to people! Thanks Sandy!