Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Canton Bound with my Bestie!

On August 27th I posted this picture to Facebook with the following caption "The dynamic duo is on their way! Canton bound! 

My friend Teresa and I went to a 4 day scrapbook retreat at Ragle's Retreat in East Texas in the community of Canton. We have gone before but it had been 3 years since we had last attended.  Can you tell how FULL the car is of stuff?! One half is hers the other half mine! We both had such a hard time getting enough stuff done at our jobs so we could be gone that length of time. We also had just as much difficulty deciding what to take to work on! We finally leave my house around 4 pm with a 2 1/2 drive ahead of us and city traffic to go through but we are just happy to be on our way!

Nature called and we made a pit stop at one of those truck stop/convenience store/eatery places. There was a vendor at the corner of the store selling "Mexican Corn". Teresa asked me if I had ever had any which I hadn't. She said "let's get some!"

It was yummy!

It is always an adventure to go anywhere with Teresa but that is one of the many things I love about her. She is a people person. Very inquisitive, a great discerner and evangelistic. I hope is to be more like her!

As we are making our way back to the car to get on the road again we are approached by a young man trying to sell a can of stuff that cleans any surface. Here he is trying to demonstrate.

We finally make it to our destination. We unload the car and place our stuff where we will be spending the next 3 days. Two other ladies have arrived just minutes before us. We exchange greetings and give hugs all around then load up again to find a place to eat. The Retreat location is in the country about 11 miles from town.

The place we "traditionally" eat was already closed so we pick a different one and we were glad we did!

Teresa and I both order this plate. The item on the right is a fried stuffed avocado! My was it good! I've never seen or heard anything like it. It is something the owner of the restaurant created. If you're ever in Canton go eat at El Sombero on Hwy 243.

We get back to the retreat and even though it is late we are so glad to be there we stay up and start crafting!

I'll share more in another post.

Have a good one!


  1. So glad you two had a great trip. Food looks yummy and yes, that looks like a LOT of stuff in your vehicle. LOL. Barb and I will be heading down to Mt Calm in a few weeks for our retreat. Can't wait!!

    1. Thanks Sandy! I think it was the most productive retreat I've been on! I didn't explore and take pictures as much and didn't get a lot of sleep but I got 38 pages completed and laughed until my stomach hurt!