Monday, August 24, 2015

Riding Bikes with the Fam

A strong cold front came through Wednesday, August 19th dropping our temperatures to the low
80's! This was very unusual for August but we'll take it. It was perfect weather for doing something outside! The kids wanted to ride bikes on the trail.

We live a mile from the trail head and we rode our bikes there.

We rode down the street that goes by my Mom's house. I didn't do it intentionally but we are right in front of her house here! The little ones yelled "Hi Grammer!"

I got ahead of the rest of them for a bit.

Keannon had to make some adjustments to Vanessa's bike before we went farther.

We rode to Chicken Express (right across from the church) and stopped for a break. Then we headed back home.

Kennedy did great! We rode a total of 5 miles!

Korin fell asleep and Vanessa was trying to hold her up until we got home! We weren't far. The house in the picture is our next door neighbors!

She was out! Vanessa laid her on Kashton's trampoline. While we all sat under the patio.

It was church night so I didn't get to see the sunset but I thought these clouds were pretty cool all the same.

Have a good one!