Wednesday, August 19, 2015

More Time With Korin

The kids have been living in the Peanut Palace for a week now. And as is no surprise a path is worn already between it and my back porch! It's actually rather nice. I am getting to bond more with Kashton and Korin in the process. Saturday morning Kashton woke up and told his Mom that he wanted to get dressed and go see Savtah! Just melted my heart! I wish I had thought to get a picture because it was so darn cute. He had on his pajama top, ski pants and cowboy boots! He's not quite tall enough to open the storm door so I had to let him in!

On the Wednesday before (August 12th) Keannon had some things to do. Vanessa took the kids with her to work then I was to go pick them up from her when I left the office. I had all 3 for a brief period of time. Kennedy ended up going swimming with her buddy Legend. The other two I was to put down for a nap after lunch.

Korin had fallen asleep before we ever made it home. She woke up half way through our lunch. Once we ate, I fixed her a bottle and put her down in her bed then put Kashton in his bed. He tossed and turned for an hour before he finally fell asleep! Korin however never did go back to sleep and started getting vocal. Now that the kids are in the apartment, Kashton and Korin's beds are end to end in the same room so before she woke Kashton up I got her out of bed and went into the other room! Now doesn't this face look like one of mischief!

She sure likes the cat (Tinkerbell) but the cat isn't very interested in her!

This girl is on the move and won't be still a second while you are holding her! So I decided to get on the floor with her to try to get a picture. Hope it makes you laugh as much as it did me!

I posted this picture on Facebook and someone said I had a cute little ladybug on my head!

I just love how she rolls up on one side and sticks her foot out. Kennedy did the same thing when she was little.

She really wants to pet the kitty!

Going for the reach! The kitty is too quick for her though!

Later that evening at feeding time the sunset was pretty. I didn't have my SLR camera with me and was a bit bummed as the camera on my phone just doesn't capture the colors and contrast of sunsets the same way but I still thought it was pretty!

Have a good one!


  1. Sounds and looks like you are really enjoying having your grands close by! Making memories for you and for them!

    1. I am Sandy! Yes we are making LOTS of memories!