Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Keeping Korin

Now this is a rarity. Saturday August 8th Vanessa was at a garage sale and it was pretty hot that day. Vanessa thought Korin needed a break from the heat so I picked her up. Vanessa said she thought she would take a bottle and go to sleep. I had left the room for a few seconds and when I returned this is what I found! I thought it was too funny not to get a picture of!

 In true "Savtah" fashion I had to get a few selfies!

She's quite the wiggle worm so it's kind of hard to do this!

Click here to a link to a video I took of her playing ball. She is playing ball with me in the beginning and toward the end she throws the ball for Kaidence! I can't believe Korin is almost a year old! She will celebrate her birthday September 26th.

Have a good one.


  1. Wow! Almost a year old! Too quick!!! Love the photo of Korin on the couch with the dogs. Definitely too funny to not photograph!

    1. I am still amazed she is almost a year old! Thanks!