Monday, July 20, 2015

Me and Little Man

Vanessa was scheduled to work and asked if I could keep Kashton. Kennedy was celebrating her little
friend Mikaela's 4th birthday.

No matter how hot it is Kashton wants to be outside. I'm not sure why but he seems to have a thing for cows and horses. There are a couple of cows not far from my house so I tell Kashton we'll go see them. He wants to ride in the wagon.

He was being silly

It's this look that just melts my heart! Poor little guy ran into the corner of a piece of plywood being used as a table. Smack dab right between the eyes earlier that day.

We finally begin our walk to see the cows. Its so hot the cows are in the middle of the pasture under the trees and we can barely see them. He gets tired of riding in the wagon and decides he wants to walk holding my hand.

We came upon this unusual looking Mesquite Tree.

We walked by a house that had goats. Kashton was intrigued by them. They were laying down under the shade when we first arrived. I thought it was cute that he tried to call the goats to come to him but as you can see they didn't.

Have a good one!


  1. Ouch that's a pretty good boo-boo on Kashton! Too hot even for the goats! LOL