Friday, July 31, 2015

Locks, Gates and Walls

This blog post is 3 years over due. I had told a friend of mine I would write it when I got home but well....time got away from me and the post never happened. It's not one of my "usual" posts. The subject matter is as relevant today as it was 3 years ago.

Three years ago August 25, 2012 I was at a scrapbook retreat in Canton, Texas. This one is a little different than the ones I usually attend as it has a spiritual bent to it. It has been nicknamed "Revival at Ragles Retreat". Six women come together over a weekend to share a hobby and their love for God. There just isn't anything else like it!

This retreat I did what I always like to do and that is take some time away from crafting to explore my surroundings with my camera. This time was no different. I'm not the best photographer but I rarely take pictures that I don't have an encounter with God while viewing His wondrous creation through a camera lens.

I will write this post as if it were today.

I went on a walk as I typically do when I'm on a retreat. It helps clear my head and stretch my legs.As I begin my adventure, my eyes are drawn to a clearing that the sunlight is shining on. From my view its as though Papa has put a "spotlight on that area. There are trees all around and its shaded where they stand but in the clearing it's bright. It reminds me of a quote a preacher made one time "Be dancing when the spotlight hits you."

As I continue walking down the road I hear an animal sound of chatter. I've heard this sound before. It sounds like a very agitated squirrel. The closer I get the louder it is. I am intrigued and want to see where this squirrel is and why he's so upset. I spy the squirrel in the tree. I don't see anything else in the tree but he's still giving something the "what for"!

Then I see what has the squirrel in such a tizzy! This sweet looking little kitty. When I enter the yard the cat comes up to me for affection. I give her a few strokes then resume my walk while the squirrel continues to berate her to no avail.

I don't walk very far before I see this beautiful scenery. A field of yellow flowers. They are stunning against the bright blue sky and white fluffy clouds.

In the very next pasture are my most favorite animals....horses! They are beautiful! One in particular is a tri-color paint. He's a bit leary of me but does pose for me. Such magnificent creatures!

As I'm walking down the road I begin thinking about using my pictures to blog about my walk and what I see. I think about how good Papa is to me. How He provides things I enjoy. I smile and tell Him "Thank You". About that time I see a closed gate. It's a week day and I'm sure many people who live along this road are at work.

There is another road next to this one. It's gate is closed too but I take a picture through the gate to get the shot I wanted. There is something about roads like this that are inviting to me. It's as if they say "come see what lies ahead".

Another "inviting" road.

A little farther down the road I see a sign on a fence that says "Private Property. No trespassing". It is then that I realize Papa is speaking to me. I began to make a connection with what I was seeing in the physical. I don't usually carry my journal when I walk but I chose to that day. I am so glad I did. I took it out to start writing because I was afraid I would forget. I began with jotting down key words then quickly realized I just needed to stop and write what I was hearing.

Everywhere I walked by there were closed gates

and fences.

Not only were gates closed but chained and locked.

I began to see the parallel between the gates and locks and my own life.

There are places in my heart where I have signs that say "Private Property. No Trespassing. Keep out."  These are because of hurts and wounds in my life. Harboring offenses and unforgiveness.

And to insure that no intruders invade I have placed locks on the gate of my heart. My soul told me "if you don't let people in they can't hurt you. Guard your heart at all costs!" Has your soul ever told you that?

Papa speaks - "It's not good enough to just remove the locks from the gate. The gate needs to be open so I can have free access at anytime."

I told Him I wanted to be a treasure hunter. That is someone who looks beyond the dirt (mistakes and mess-ups) in someone and draws out the gold (their true potential and destiny). I wanted to see people the way He did.

Papa says "You can only be a treasurer hunter when you take down the locks, chains and open your gate wide.

It's okay to have 'fences' (boundaries). These are good as long as your entry (gate) is open to me. It's okay to close the gate and lock it at times. It's important and sometimes very necessary. Trust Me. Listen to My voice. I will tell you when it needs to be closed and if it needs to be locked. Most of the time you choose when it is to be closed and locked. You lean more toward keeping it locked. 

What's locked and closed not only keeps things out but it keeps you"in" and separated.

There are different kinds of fences and gates. Some are solid and you can't see through them.

Some you can see through. You can see what's on the other side but you still can't enter."

Let the road to your heart be open and inviting.

Open up, ancient gates!
Open up, ancient doors,
and let the King of glory enter. Psalm 24:7 NLT

The things of God are not easy to understand. They are treasures, mysteries to be discovered. As His children it is our birthright, our inheritance to know the "secrets of God". When we seek them as a treasure, He reveals the truth, the mystery with great reward. 

Isaiah 45:3 And I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness - secret riches. I will do this so you may know that I am the Lord the God of Israel the One who calls you by name.

Have a good one!


  1. Awesome post. Fabulous photos. I love your story and glad that even if it took you 3 years to post it that you did!