Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Changes Coming

Vanessa and the kids came over on Monday night July 13th for dinner. She had called and asked me what I was doing. That usually means she wants something. Yep, she wanted to know if I was cooking and could they come eat. Sure! After dinner we spend time together in the living room.

When Keannon is out of town on the job this scenario happens quite frequently but its ok. I do enjoy it. It's just the figuring out what to fix!

By the end of August the kids will be living in the Peanut Palace for a few months. The lease on their house is up the end of August. They have decided not to try to purchase the house they are in. Due to some issues with finances they are not eligible to apply for a loan until December. They have decided to save some money so they will be in a better position to buy what they want. This will be interesting to say the least. I can already visualize a worn footpath between the Palace and our back porch from little feet! Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face! If at some point it gets to be too much I can always go ride, or go to the scrapbook store.

I do see some benefit. Vanessa and I have already talked a little about cooking together and maybe doing some trade offs.

In the midst of them getting ready to "downsize" Vanessa has been going through the kids toys. She brought one of them over her for Kashton to play with. He absolutely loves it. It's a mini train set.

This will be a great toy to keep him entertained!

Little Miss Priss will be 10 months old the 26th of this month.

Here's a short clip of Korin.

Have a good one!


  1. It will be a change for sure and there will be a path between your house and the Peanut Palace! But it will be fun and it's a very good way for them to save up money for a house that's right for them!

    1. Yes I think it will be fun too! It will definitely be most interesting!