Wednesday, February 25, 2015

White With Sleet

Meteorologists have been forecasting for several days that we would get wintry precipitation and this time they were pretty on target. There were two systems forecast to bring us moisture. The first was supposed to be liquid and it was. The rain moved in Sunday morning and rained all day. We got over an inch. The tube inside the big tube holds one inch. The outer tube holds the overflow. It began to freeze before I measured so I couldn't remove the lid! The temperature began to fall early evening right as the first round of rain began to taper off.

The next system was supposed to move through sometime after midnight.

I was awakened by the cat to go outside around 3:30 AM. This is what I saw. It was sleeting

Local schools were closed. Our neighbor is a bus driver.

Despite the drought I have a few Dianthsus flowers that have survived and with all the warm weather have bloomed!

Taking a picture of the truck showed the sleet falling better.

Fancy and Diamond meet me at the fence. I think they are ready for breakfast!

While they are eating their grain I took a few pictures.

Here's a close up of the sleet granules on the top of a barrel.

I didn't go into work. I decided to try a new soup recipe. This is Tortellini Soup. It is so good! I actually saw this recipe on Facebook. It was pretty simple to make also.

We may have another chance of wintry precipitation Wednesday. We'll see!

Have a good one!


  1. You're definitely a brave one to get out and take photos. Though I know you have to take care of the horses! The soup looks delicious! The sun is nice this afternoon, we've had lots of melting!

    1. you right I had to take care of horses so I was already out in it! I stayed home otherwise!