Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Little Birding

I am always looking for opportunities to photograph birds. Every year at Christmas time I have calendars made of pictures that I have taken and a couple of people I give them to are avid bird watches so I like to try to have a few bird pictures.

One day last week (February 9th) while waiting on horses to finish eating their grain I took my camera and went for a short hike in the wooded property next to the horse pasture. I had been hearing geese in that area. I knew there was a body of water on the property so that is where I headed.

On my way I spotted a male Cardinal. I love these birds. As I get closer to the water I startle some ducks.

 I am hoping the geese haven't been startled as well.

Thankfully the geese were not as easily disturbed.

I finally did get a little too close for comfort but instead of taking flight they just simple moved away from me on the water.

I guess I bothered them more than I thought as I've not see them here again since this day.  Oh well at least I got a few pictures!

Have a good one!

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  1. How wonderful! Love the cardinal photo and the geese! That's a great idea for a gift--your photos on a calendar!