Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas at the Bailey's

We waited to have our Christmas until Saturday December 27th for two reasons. Doyle worked Christmas Day and Kennedy wanted to wait to open gifts until Remi was here.

Keannon spent all day flying out to California to get Remi and returning on Friday December 26th. They got home really late. Even so the girls were awake by 8:30 the next day!

As Keannon and Vanessa are growing their family they are establishing their own Christmas traditions but one that has held in our family for years is the reading of the Christmas story from the Bible. In this case It's an electronic Bible but it's the Bible all the same!

Remi is very proud of her new little sister! Remi is looking so grown up. Her face is getting thinner and so is her frame.

Grammer and Korin

I was a bad girl...taking pictures while the story was being read...and the girls were not paying any attention :) I'm surprised I didn't get in trouble!

Korin could almost fit into her stocking!

Kashton gets a new bike!

Can you tell Kennedy was excited to get Dolphin Tale collection!

Kashton loves his daddy!

I just love this one! Maybe this will assure we will get more rain!

Doyle is thrilled to get his french fry cutter! He will be using that when it's grilling weather again!

Vanessa and I both were surprised with new SLR cameras! Guess that means I won't be the main picture taker anymore!

Kashton loves his horse books.

Opening presents wears a girl out!

Mom was excited to get a new printer!

No I didn't make these. Vanessa saw these last year at a craft booth in our local mall and mentioned she would like to have them. I became acquainted with a lady that makes them and had her make this for Vanessa. She was very pleased!

The kids "big" gift was a trampoline. Keannon put it together and wrapped the box. All three kids squealed with delight!

My Lil' Cowboy! Yee Haw!

Remi 6, Kennedy 5 and Korin 3 mos.

Even though it was only in the upper 30's the girls insisted on jumping on the trampoline...barefooted! They didn't last long!

I got Kashton a Cookie Monster cap and mittens. He liked them so much that he threw a fit when Vanessa tried to take them off!

I love this picture of Remi and Korin!

All that gift opening made us hungry so I cooked a big breakfast. Biscuits, bacon, scrambled eggs and gravy. Yum, Yum!

It was a great Christmas!

Have a good one!


  1. How sweet of Kennedy to want to wait for Remi! Looks like a wonderful Christmas!