Sunday, January 11, 2015

Afternoon with the Girls

Monday afternoon (January 5th) I picked up the girls after work so they could spend the afternoon with me. As I knew it would, they also spent the night. We had a good time.

Kennedy wanted to go to the "candy store". It's a small convenience store just a block from my house. Doyle and I bought the girls scooters for Christmas and they brought them when they came over. They road them to the store. There was a nice large slab of concrete next to the store that they wanted to ride their scooters on since it was a smooth surface.

Remi has a scooter at home so she's had some practice but Kennedy is getting the hang of it pretty quick.

That evening I went to feed and once again there was a beautiful sunset.

That night as I'm getting the girls to bed. The girls begin to voice where they want me to sleep. Remi is insisting that I sleep in the middle so she and Kennedy can each be near me. Sounds logical to me but Kennedy is most insistent that she sleep in the middle to the point of getting very upset. I ask her why she wants to be in the middle and she says "I want to sleep by Remi and you". I say "Tell Remi why you want to sleep in the middle". When she does it is so precious hearing Remi's response "Ok, you can sleep in the middle but next time Savtah sleeps in the middle." Everyone went to be happy!

Have a good one!


  1. What fun! Beautiful sunset photos again! It's amazing how each time they are different.

    1. thank you Sandy! That's why I can't keep from taking a sunset photo because they are all different!