Thursday, December 31, 2015

Three Days before Christmas

Several nights the week of Christmas I was privileged to see beautiful sunsets. This night was no exception. 

The view was beautiful in either direction as the moon would be coming to fullness by Christmas night.

You can see there is a haze around the moon.

Have a good one!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Warm Muggy December

The week of Christmas felt more like we were on a tropical island. Temps although not unusual were unseasonably warm and it was very humid! On Monday morning December 21st I went to feed. It was foggy and so humid. This is the view that morning as I parked the truck. You can see droplets of water hanging on the gate.

There were droplets like this all along the cabled fence.

It's hard to tell in this picture but there are even droplets on the spiderweb!

Later that same day the kids were playing in the backyard. Before this picture there was just the yellow chair.  Kashton sat in it and Korin began screaming at him because she wanted to sit in it. Mommy got the blue chair then Korin was happy!

Kennedy was playing with her make-up kit she got for her birthday. I made the comment that she will be an expert on applying make-up long before she will be able to really wear it!

Checking out her work.

showing it to me!

Our sweet Remi! We hadn't seen her since the beginning of August. She's beginning to lose her baby teeth.

Opening the birthday gift me and Granddad got her. I didn't want to send it to the party.

I got her and Kennedy the same thing.

Here is a video of Korin and Kashton playing ball.

Have a good one!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Vanessa planned a birthday party for Remi and Kennedy after Remi arrived for her Christmas vacation with us. The party was set for Sunday December 20th.  She got two adjoining hotel rooms with an indoor pool. Brilliant!

The first thing they did was swim.

Kennedy is in the yellow polk-a-dot swimsuit.

After swimming it was time to open gifts.

Their favorite gift was what Mommy and Daddy got them which was a makeup kit for each of them.

Of course once the makeup was out everyone wanted to wear some!

Here's the group. Not all of them stayed the night but most did!

I loved this picture of one of the older girls using a selfie stick to get her picture with the group.

The chaperons! Vanessa and her friend Stevi.

Having some pizza!

They had a wonderful time. I couldn't be there so thanks to Vanessa there are some pictures to record it!

Have a goo done!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Kennedy Turns Six!

A week before Kennedy's birthday she got a new "do"! Her hair had grown to her waist! Her hair is like her mother's thick, straight and very silky. However she would get horrible tangles. Mom decided it would be easier to care for if it was shorter.

Kennedy's hair was donated. She loves her new hair cut.

Kashton got a hair cut too. He was proud to pose for me as well!

Kennedy's birthday was Friday December 18th. Vanessa planned a small family dinner celebration at Old School Pizza. The birthday party was planned for Sunday (December 20th) after Remi arrived. I'll try to blog about that in a separate post.

Mommy helping with reading the cards. I made this card but Grammer gave it to her.

This is the card I made for her. I made Remi's the same except for I used the number 7.

Kennedy was very happy to get a locking diary from Mommy and Daddy.

Here's the birthday girl with her cousin Krystal and her brother Kashton. Krystal is a year older than Kennedy.

I tried to get one with Korin but she was too busy to stop for a picture!

Or maybe she just one her own picture! Too cute for her own good! She just started walking a few days before this picture at almost 15 months.

Happy sixth birthday sweet girl!

Have a good one!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Finally Got to Ride

Last Thursday December 10th also the same day we went to Christmas on the Frontier I FINALLY got to ride. It was a beautiful day. I didn't have a long time to ride and with the daylight so short I chose to ride where I keep the horses.

I rode Fancy.

She has been difficult to catch lately and a bit jumpy when I have ridden her. I think she is going to be one of those horses that does much better when used more often. That is partly due to the fact she is a relatively young horse (8yrs)

Speaking of being jumpy, she just about dislodged me when she was startled by rustling in the trees we were riding by. You would have thought she'd seen a ghost! I finally got her stopped and facing the direction of the sound. Then I finally saw what was making the noise.

Yep, cows! This horse that was raised on a ranch was afraid of cows! Really??!! Goofy horse!

She really worked herself up into a sweat. I didn't ride her that hard at all!

I definitely need to try to ride more often. That might be a bit tough with Christmas a week a way. I still have shopping to do! Hoping to maybe finish it up in the next few days.

Have a good one!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas on the Frontier

Last Thursday December 10th we made a spur of the moment decision to attend Christmas on the
Frontier in Palo Pinto the town of our county seat about 12 miles West of Mineral Wells. They have held this event annually for years but we never attended. Seems as an adult you're more willing to do things like this when you have little ones!

It wasn't really cold but cool enough to need a jacket. Granddad gets him some coffee while Kennedy drinks hot chocolate.

Warming up by the fire.

The "guys" having a discussion!

We saw Santa dancing!

Then the kids got a picture with him. Kashton did not want to smile!

This is so sweet! They held hands of their own initiative!

This picture just makes me laugh.

There was an old cabin set up in the time era. The adults thought it would be a great place for a group photo however there was very little light and it was hard to see when I took the picture. There were other people trying to look around the cabin so I got one shot and this is it! Korin decided to protest just as I took the picture.

We went inside the old Jail which is like a mini museum. Lots of artifacts. Kashton got so excited about the Longhorn on the wall.

We ran into an old friend took time to pose with the kids.

We made our way to stand in line for a hayride driven by a tractor. There were several of these lighting the way similar to the era years ago.

I love how they decorated the wagon with lights.

Korin is still not very cooperative!

The kids seemed to enjoy it for the most part. They are too young to really appreciate history or even understand it! We had a good time.

Have a good one!