Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cousin's Visit

Two weeks ago Mom called to let me know that her cousin and son from Ozark, Missouri were coming for a visit and asked if they could stay in the apartment. Of course, I said! They arrived Friday evening ahead of a cold front.

The next morning we awoke to the low 50's after reaching 90 the day before! It stayed overcast all day. Kennedy's dance class performed at the Crazy Water Festival so we ventured out for that. We meandered around the festival for a bit then decided to have lunch at the Bistro.

Keannon, Vanessa and the kids joined us after
Kennedy got her face painted.

What would my post be with a picture of the newest grandbaby?!

Grammer is proud!

Korin Faith 2 weeks old.

On the way to the truck we stopped at another shop just down the sidewalk from the Bistro. A quaint little place that housed some antique treasures and tasty home backed goods! Teresa treated us to some sinfully delicious cookies!

We then go back home and spend the remainder of the day visiting. We, of course, took a few pictures.

Here we are with Teresa. We did not plan to wear pink! It was just too funny when we realized we were all three wearing pink! We must be related!

Gracie thought she had to be in all the pictures!

Mom and I with Zack, Teresa's son.

Teresa and Zack had also wanted to see Chris, her nephew and her brother's, (Lyndel) son. He works in Dallas. He had planned to come earlier in the day but the cold front produced some storms that played havoc with computers where he works. Being he is the "IT" person he had to make sure they were working. He did finally make it over late afternoon. It was the first time Mom and I had met him. Very nice young man.

About the time we were heading to dinner my brother Wayne showed up. He had taken his girlfriend out to dinner for her birthday. We went
to Mesquite Pitt. It was good and we all had a great time.

We get back to the house and Wayne suggests getting a group picture. Great idea Wayne!

Chris headed back to Dallas Saturday night. Teresa and Zack left Sunday morning to meet Chris in Dallas then they went home on Monday.

It was a fun time!


  1. Looks like you had a great time with family! Love Kennedy's face paint and of course that cute new little one!