Friday, September 12, 2014

Surprise Baby Sprinkle

One of Vanessa's very good friends (Stevi) organized a surprise baby shower for her August 30th. Her due date is September 16th so we are getting close! The baby's name will be Korin Faith (pronounced core in) and in keeping with the other two children will be spelled with a "K". The name is in honor of Vanessa's best friend Michelle. It is her middle name. The origin is from the word "Corinthians"

The shower was held at a local Mexican Restaurant (one of Vanessa's favorites) called Pulido's.

Not everyone had arrived yet when this photo was taken.

Although looking good enough to ea,t the only thing edible on this table is the pink cake. The others are decorations made with baby socks, wash clothes and such. Isn't it cute?

some more decorations on the other tables.

She actually had no idea and was totally surprised! I don't know how she didn't find out.

Nikki (in the red) helped Stevi plan the shower. Another very good friend of Vanessa's.

Not the best of pictures but only one I had of Mom and Vanessa. My poor friend Jean on the left of Mother would shoot me for posting this picture. Good thing she doesn't follow my blog!

Vanessa was very timid about cutting the cake!

My dear friend Teresa who is like a mother to Vanessa and two of her daughters Damita and Leslie (in front).

(L to R) Jeanette (Vanessa worked for her in her real estate office). Dru (family friend) and Vanessa's Stepmother Jan.

(L to R) Lisa, friend from high school, Nikki and Jackie, friend from the days when Vanessa worked at the bank.

Vanessa and Stevi.

A bracelet made by Dru.

She had a nice turn out and got some nice things. Now we just have to "hurry up and wait"!

Have a good one!


  1. What a fun surprise shower and I love the baby's name! It's past the 16th so I haven't seen anything new on facebook. Guess you're still waiting?

    1. Yes Sandy and as of this writing (9-22) we are STILL waiting!