Thursday, September 11, 2014

Long Overdue Visit

Mom had mentioned going to visit her Uncle Benny (her Mother's brother) and some of her cousins. I told her if she would let me know when she wanted to go I would try to go with her. I had connected with one of her cousins on Facebook and we had talked by phone. I remember visiting them as a child but haven't seen them since. (Embarrassing, I know!)

So three weeks ago we went. I took off from work and we drove up on Friday. It's about a 3 1/2 to 4 hour drive. Mom had told me to bring along some of my music CD's to listen to but they never got played! We talked the entire time all the way up and back! (Imagine that?!) It was a great time!

My cousin (I won't get into if she was my 1st or 2nd...for simplicity I'll just refer to her as cousin) Lee Ann had invited us to stay in her home while we were there.

A little while after we arrived Uncle Benny and Aunt Frances arrive to visit. When they had left Lee Ann said it was time to get in the pool! With the temperature outside at 100 that seemed pretty inviting. I managed not to get a bathing suit packed but Lee Ann had one just my size and loaned it to me. The water was great and it was a nice relaxing way to cool off!

Later Steven fixed a wonderful dinner for us. I discovered Lee Ann even likes to scrapbook! Once the table was cleared of dishes she showed me what she was working on and was late when we went to bed!

The next morning we had a fabulous breakfast of bacon and eggs. I managed to spend a little time outside before it got hot to enjoy the backyard. There were some Morning Glories that were attractive to a butterfly and a hummingbird. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the hummingbird.

After lunch we went to visit Uncle Benny and Aunt Frances at their apartment. We looked at old pictures and heard stories of the old days. It was then time for us to go home.

Lee Ann and Steven (seated) were the most gracious hostesses. The food was wonderful and so was the conversation!  Lee Ann and I have committed to trying to Skype one another and share ideas on our scrapbooking. Now to make sure I have a web cam and download Skype!

Thanks again Lee Ann and Steven. I give the "Slater B & B" a 5 star rating!

Have a good one!


  1. Time goes by so fast that we fail to visit with people especially relatives that we grew up. I'm glad you had this time to travel with your mom, talk and visit your cousin and uncle. My family (my mom's side) is having a cousin reunion at Lake Whitney later this month. It seems the only time we see each other is at funeral so we decided to have a camp out reunion to spend a few days together.

    1. Yes, I am horrible about going to visit family especially the ones who leave in other states! It doesn't help I have so many animals that need tending too. It's pretty easy to get someone to take care of my dogs. It's a whole other thing to ask someone to care for horses!