Thursday, August 28, 2014

Biking at the Retreat 2

I had so much fun on my last adventure that I decided to do it again. I rode part of the same route but when I got to the old house in the pasture I saw another road and was game for the adventure to see where it would take me.

This entry way was intriguing to me.

This road had trees that made a canopy over it too!

This road had a LOT more hills than the one I rode the day before. I was almost regretting my decision to take it but the reward for climbing a hill is the going down on the way back!

Found some old cars in a pasture.

pretty road

I love this part of the road.

I passed the entrance to a couple of ranches.

After this ride I was ready to "Wait-a-Bit"! LOL! This was the name of the cabin I stayed in during the retreat!

Have a good one!


  1. Ha, ha. I'd have to wait more than a bit! Love the photos. I'd be afraid I'd get lost on those roads but so worth it. I absolutely love the photo of the old grocery van! Wow!

    1. Thanks Sandy! I actually thought of you when I saw the old vehicles!