Friday, July 18, 2014

Please Say It Isn't So!

A week ago this past Monday the Women's Bible Study group I lead had Movie Night at one of the ladies homes. The woman who hosted it we affectionately call "Mama Irene". Her daughter, Dru also helped.

The lady in the chair is my SIL, Keannon's, mother.

We gathered in the living area to pray before we began eating.

My friend and co-leader Julianne is on the left. "Mama Irene" has her hands raised. Not sure what got Julianne tickled before we started to pray. Mama Irene was already engaged in prayer!

We had chicken and tuna salad and everyone else brought sides to go with. Mama Irene's dog was hoping for droppings.

It was the day before Dru's birthday so one of the ladies brought a cake to celebrate. I almost forgot to get a picture! If you look close you can see we had already had some!

 After eating and visiting we watched a movie outside under the carport. Dru's son hooked everything up for us. I brought speakers to help with sound. We watched "Heaven is for Real". This is an excellent movie! All of the ladies attending were greatly impacted. We had a wonderful time of visiting and praying for one another.

We all started picking up and cleaning up to go home. I put the speakers in my truck, said my goodbyes and went home. Once home, I discovered my phone was missing. I carry my phone in a phone case that hooks to my jeans. I figured I must have knocked it off when I loaded the speakers in the truck. It's happened before. I call Mama Irene to let her know I was coming back to look for it.

When I arrived Dru had gone outside where my truck was parked. She found my phone. Still in the phone case but when she took it out she saw this.

I had run over my phone! Poor phone didn't stand a chance against a 3/4 ton pickup even in an Otterbox inside my case. I was just sick! The screen would not light up at all!

Hubs was at work that night. When he came home the next morning he pulled out his old phone from our last Infuse and got me functional. At least I could call and text....part of my everyday life now! Even with insurance it was going to be costly to buy another phone. We are due an upgrade in December and Doyle wanted to wait. Although I wasn't happy about it, I knew it was the right thing to do. Fortunately, I didn't have to wait. I have the most wonderful husband in the whole world. He found the same phone for sale on Craig's List cheaper than we could replace with our insurance and bought it for me! So I'm back in least for the most part. I did lose a lot of contacts so I am slowly adding those back and I will back up my phone from now on! Lesson learned...the hard way! So send me your number and tell me who you are!

Have a good one!

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  1. Oh my! I wondered how you ran over it! Of all the places for it to fall it HAD to be under your tires! Ugh. I've dropped mine a few times and have so far been lucky. Glad you found one on Craig's List. Eddie' construction type phone quit ringing and it was out of warranty. It cost $400 and had a warranty for 3 years. They replaced it free once. This time we couldn't even find the phone to buy but finally got it for only $150 (newer version) on eBay with no warranty but he is back in business.