Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fourth of July Festivities

Fourth of July was a full day for me. I started it by taking the girls riding which you saw in my last post.

Then I rode my bike. I've started riding my bike for exercise again. I don't ride it to work anymore as I feed horses before I go. It takes me too long to ride to my destinations and get things done. Until I can build up my stamina and distance I'm riding to the cemetery where I take the dogs sometimes. It's almost a mile there and almost a mile loop around it. I've started with riding 5 miles. It does get a little boring but at least I don't have to worry about cars!

I get home and cool down. Vanessa calls and invites me to come over to eat dinner before the fireworks display. They had friends visiting and were cooking on the grill. After dinner we were going to the fire station to view the fireworks show with Doyle who had to work.

Kennedy was playing in the pool along with their friends little girl Lucy (3).

Doesn't that look yummy?! Now the friends who are visiting are Hispanic so this wasn't a typical "grilled steak meal. Those are not potatoes in aluminum foil but onions and jalapeno peppers that are roasting for the salsa!

This is Omar. He is making the salsa. I don't know if you can tell from this picture as what he has in his hand blurred a bit but it's a beer bottle! He's using it to smash up the vegetables! I heard that he also put some beer in the salsa! The salsa was really good although a bit "spicy" for this gal!
 Keannon and Omar adding lime juice to the salsa.

Vanessa also invited my neighbors over. They are a little younger than Keannon and Vanessa. They got married a year ago in the house they bought across the street from us. Really sweet couple. Payden is in the blue shirt and Bethany has the long hair and striped shirt. Omar's wife Lourdes and his son Little Omar are in the front.

After dinner we go to the fire station where Doyle is to watch the Fireworks display. Aren't they just too cute?! Waiting for the fireworks to begin! Kashton is 16 mos old. Kennedy 4 1/2.

Kennedy and Lucy (3)

Let the show begin!

Grand Finale!

Have a good one!

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  1. Fun and yummy 4th of July. Love the fireworks photos!