Friday, July 11, 2014

Day After Fourth with Family

Doyle's brother (Doren), sister (Doris) and niece (Bekah) came out for the day after the Fourth. Kennedy got Aunt D to pull her in the wagon.

And let her "fix her hair".

Doren, Doris and Bekah wanted to see Keannon and Vanessa's house so we go there. While there we celebrated Keannon's birthday. It was actually Tuesday but he left for work on Sunday. He's reading the card I helped Kennedy make for her dad. Not sure what this pose is!

Kashton and Kennedy helping Keannon open the gift from us.

Just what he wanted!

He's one happy guy!

Aunt D feeling baby Korin Faith kicking.

Aunt D getting some Kashton time.

Uncle Doren reading to Kennedy.

Uncle Doren and Kashton.

Kashton sporting Granddad's hat.

Playing with Granddad putting his hat on him.

Aunt D reading to Kennedy.

It was a good day.

Have a good one!

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  1. Kennedy does like to fix hair. Ha, ha. Looks like a fun family day.