Monday, July 28, 2014

Sky Full of Color

Usually when I have an evening activity I feed horses before but it has been so hot that I've been waiting until dusk to feed horses. Wednesday after services, I head out to my truck and as I usually do I looked at the sky. It looked to me like it was shaping up to be a pretty sunset. I waited to take a picture until I got to the horses.

It was so fun to watch the sunset change colors.

The colors are brilliant and intense!

Then the colors begin to slowly fade.

Have a good one!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Biking Again

I was riding my bike to work and for many of my errands 6 years ago. Upon the arrival of Kennedy my biking came to a halt because I was keeping her alot and's hard to carry a baby on a bike! I didn't make time to ride my bike in my schedule.

In May I participated in a "Life Screening" program that came to my area. They do all sorts of tests regarding your health. I had decided it was time to see where I was. A month later...the week of my birthday I got the results in the mail. I had passed everything with flying colors except for two. Blood pressure and blood sugar! I was on the verge of being hypertensive and diabetic! Having been healthy as a horse all my life I was a little taken back! I knew I had put on some extra weight...especially around the middle (ugh!). Needless to say that report got my attention! I didn't "wait until Monday" to make changes. I made changes THAT DAY!

I didn't put myself on a diet. I just told myself I had to change the way I looked at food and what I was eating and this would have to be a change for life.

I am pretty active but I knew that I needed to do an activity on a more regular basis for an exact period of time for more added benefit. I like to walk but I had been having some issues with my feet lately so the bike seemed the most logical activity to do.

I don't ride my bike to work but instead take 30 mins to an hour during my day to bike. I started riding for 5 miles. I would ride to the cemetery and around the cemetery and back home. It was a bit tough in the beginning but gradually I got stronger. I am now biking 10 to 12 miles when I ride and using the Trailway. For those who are not familiar with my town. There is a railroad track that runs through our community into Weatherford. Years ago it ceased to be functional so plans were made and it was turned into a walking/biking trail. The trail head begins at what was known as "the depot" at hwy 281. The trail is 1 mile from my house and I ride my bike to the trail head. The trail is paved until you get to McDonald's. From there it is dirt and gravel. The trail makes it's way into our State Park then the trail can be used by equestrians too. It's really nice to have a place to ride and not have to worry about vehicles. It is a little tricky in town as the trail crosses several streets. Two which are major streets and those are dangerous.

The weather has been very hot in the afternoons so I've had to move my bike riding to the mornings. That's been a stretch in itself as I am not a morning person. Don't get me wrong...I like mornings but I also like to stay up late. Kind of hard to do both but I am adjusting.  I am getting to see some beautiful sunrises getting up early!

There is a young woman who runs a little coffee shop that sits on the Church property. She also bikes but she does like 25 - 34 miles! She is the one who inspired me. I don't plan to ride that kind of distance. I just don't have the time it would take. I did make it my goal to make it to the bridge that crosses over Highway 180. It is 6 miles from my house to that bridge. Well, I did it on Friday! I had stopped and planned to turn around when I convinced myself I was so close I should finish and I did!

This is the view from the bridge looking back toward Mineral Wells.

Heading back home. I was very proud of myself!

Have a good one!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Please Say It Isn't So!

A week ago this past Monday the Women's Bible Study group I lead had Movie Night at one of the ladies homes. The woman who hosted it we affectionately call "Mama Irene". Her daughter, Dru also helped.

The lady in the chair is my SIL, Keannon's, mother.

We gathered in the living area to pray before we began eating.

My friend and co-leader Julianne is on the left. "Mama Irene" has her hands raised. Not sure what got Julianne tickled before we started to pray. Mama Irene was already engaged in prayer!

We had chicken and tuna salad and everyone else brought sides to go with. Mama Irene's dog was hoping for droppings.

It was the day before Dru's birthday so one of the ladies brought a cake to celebrate. I almost forgot to get a picture! If you look close you can see we had already had some!

 After eating and visiting we watched a movie outside under the carport. Dru's son hooked everything up for us. I brought speakers to help with sound. We watched "Heaven is for Real". This is an excellent movie! All of the ladies attending were greatly impacted. We had a wonderful time of visiting and praying for one another.

We all started picking up and cleaning up to go home. I put the speakers in my truck, said my goodbyes and went home. Once home, I discovered my phone was missing. I carry my phone in a phone case that hooks to my jeans. I figured I must have knocked it off when I loaded the speakers in the truck. It's happened before. I call Mama Irene to let her know I was coming back to look for it.

When I arrived Dru had gone outside where my truck was parked. She found my phone. Still in the phone case but when she took it out she saw this.

I had run over my phone! Poor phone didn't stand a chance against a 3/4 ton pickup even in an Otterbox inside my case. I was just sick! The screen would not light up at all!

Hubs was at work that night. When he came home the next morning he pulled out his old phone from our last Infuse and got me functional. At least I could call and text....part of my everyday life now! Even with insurance it was going to be costly to buy another phone. We are due an upgrade in December and Doyle wanted to wait. Although I wasn't happy about it, I knew it was the right thing to do. Fortunately, I didn't have to wait. I have the most wonderful husband in the whole world. He found the same phone for sale on Craig's List cheaper than we could replace with our insurance and bought it for me! So I'm back in least for the most part. I did lose a lot of contacts so I am slowly adding those back and I will back up my phone from now on! Lesson learned...the hard way! So send me your number and tell me who you are!

Have a good one!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Special Treasure

One of the ladies from our church does not own a car.  She is over our "card ministry" and sends birthday cards to the members of our congregation. A week ago asked me to pick her up on my way to the office so she could work on cards. I parked my truck and we both got out. As I start to walk across the parking lot to the office I see her walking the opposite direction toward a little tree. It appeared she was looking at something. In a little bit she turns to walk toward me saying she saw some baby birds.

She was right. Smack dab in the middle of town at one of the busiest establishments in town (Chicken Express - a fast food restaurant).

It isn't even a very big tree. The nest was high enough I could barely see. I took this picture by holding the phone over the nest. I didn't know what type of birds these were at first until the parents began to squawk and fly close to ward anyone off. They are Scissor Tails.

Unlike their babies I had to use my zoom lens to take the parents picture in a tree close by.

Here they are a week later. I am amazed at the difference in a weeks time!

They have almost outgrown the nest! Do you notice some of the things that the nest was built with?

One is awake!

Snug as a bug in a rug!

Have a good one!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dixie in Training

I took Dixie to a trainer June 9th. The trainer works another job .... with another trainer ... so he does this on the side in his spare time. He hasn't been able to work her every day. He hurt his hand and didn't work her for a week. Then we got some much needed rain making the pen too muddy. He and I were finally able to coordinate schedules so I could come watch him work with her. I have missed her so much!

 Warming up.

I really like how this guy works. He is very gentle and patient with Dixie. His name is Jordan and I discovered that he went to school with Vanessa when she was at the Christian School.

Jordan explained that when a horse gets excited or stressed if you will rub your hand over their eyes they will calm down.

putting on the saddle pad.

She's acts like a pro!

next the saddle. Jordan asked me if she had ever been saddled because she was doing so well. I told him "not to my knowledge!"

Let's see how we work with the saddle on.

Jordan had started her around the pen again when she decided she wanted to turn and Jordan didn't want her too. Whoa Nellie!

He wins.

adding the bridle.

Dixie's not liking the bit in her mouth.

Learning to "give to the bit" or "giving to pressure". This phase is going a bit slower since she is an older horse. Most horses are trained when they are 2-3 yo. Dixie is 8. Jordan will not try to ride her until she is supple and giving to pressure. Hoping she will cooperate quickly despite her age!

Time to call it a day. You always want to end on a good note!

Although she still has some things to learn, I was very encouraged by what I saw. I am believing she's going to make me a great riding horse!

On the way home I spot some vultures. This guy let me get pretty close.

Saw this pretty hay field ready to be baled.

It is a beautiful drive to where the trainer lives. This is the Brazos River.

Have a good one!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Day After Fourth with Family

Doyle's brother (Doren), sister (Doris) and niece (Bekah) came out for the day after the Fourth. Kennedy got Aunt D to pull her in the wagon.

And let her "fix her hair".

Doren, Doris and Bekah wanted to see Keannon and Vanessa's house so we go there. While there we celebrated Keannon's birthday. It was actually Tuesday but he left for work on Sunday. He's reading the card I helped Kennedy make for her dad. Not sure what this pose is!

Kashton and Kennedy helping Keannon open the gift from us.

Just what he wanted!

He's one happy guy!

Aunt D feeling baby Korin Faith kicking.

Aunt D getting some Kashton time.

Uncle Doren reading to Kennedy.

Uncle Doren and Kashton.

Kashton sporting Granddad's hat.

Playing with Granddad putting his hat on him.

Aunt D reading to Kennedy.

It was a good day.

Have a good one!